August 2, 2010

The End of THIS Book

On July 10th we had Zachary’s baptism. It was an amazing day!!! Two of my three brothers came to town with their families. My Aunt Sue and Aunt Red Bud Pam came in for the baptism. It was the first time most of my family had met Zac. It awesome to have all of our family together for Zac. Instead of a ‘baby’ shower I wanted a Celebration with my family and closest friends. I wanted to have a Welcome Zachary/Baptism Celebration, and that is exactly how it happened. It was wonderful.

I can’t really put my finger on why, but for me that was the last milestone in our journey for our Polar Cub in China. There are still some other things that I need to do, such as file for his state birth certificate but this journey is over. Now life as a family has begun. It may not make sense, but the baptism was the last chapter to a very LONG, LONG wait for my family to be complete.

With that being said, I have decided that it is time to close down this blog. Polar Cub is no longer in China. We are now a family of three and life is SWEET! I am going to keep this blog. I am only shutting it down to the public. I have kept the Journey to Victoria Grace blog, because both blogs are a journal of life while we waited, and waited, and waited. Those blogs are filled with memories, good and bad. Some day Zachary may be interested in reading about the journey. For that I will keep the blogs, always.

The timing of this shut down is perfect. My computer has some sort of virus and will be going to the computer guru tomorrow. Also school is looming in the not too distant future ~ unfortunately. Zac will start school next Wednesday for a few hours each day, and I start the following Monday. I know that I won’t have the time or desire to blog while we all adjust to the new schedules.

The new blog will not be private, but I am not going to broadcast our new cyber-home. I don’t think there are many who follow this blog, and those who do will know how to find us. If you are a looky-loo who is interested in following us over to the new blog send me an email or leave a comment with your email and I’ll send a link. My hope is that everyone understands the need to take this a bit more private, therefore if you aren’t a friend, family, or some how connected to the adoption community I won’t be sending a link, sorry.

Here are a few pictures from the baptism that I blatantly stole from my brother’s site. B has offered to send the touched up versions, which I can’t wait to get, but I don’t want to add them to my computer until the bug is fixed. So for now, here are just a few of my favorites.


mommy and zac

Thanks for following our journey to China. It was an amazing ride!