May 16, 2011

One Year Ago Today....

...we became a family of three.

This has been the most amazing year of my life!  The day one year ago was filled with such a mixed bag of emotions.  For me, I felt excited, scared, happy, relieved, complete.  Nugget was scared, anxious, stressed, lost.

Thankfully, one year later we are family.  Each of us feels a little lost when one of the three is missing.  Nugget has been an amazing blessing!  I will forever be thankful to his birthparents and The People's Republic of China for such an amazing little boy.

We LOVE you Z!!!

May 13, 2011

All In One Week We Had...

Teacher Appreciation Week

Nugget took some little goodies for his teachers. 
Even though as a whole I am not a fan of his current daycare, there are a couple of teachers that I am thankful have been there for Nugget.  I must say that Nugget is never timid, sad, or stressed when I go and pick him up at the end of the day.  In general, I think he is cared for. 

Bear and I have decided, though, that we will be looking for a new daycare for next school year.  I believe I have found one, so keep your fingers crossed.

Mother's Day
Beautiful flowers from my mom.
What an amazing day!!!  For the last several years the only thing I wanted to do on Mother's Day was stay in bed and pull the covers over my head.  This year was different.  It was fun! 

We had my parents over for brunch.  Bear makes the best Irish potatoes.  Yum!  Nugget and Bear gave me the perfect Dooney and Burke!  LOVE it! 

After an enjoyable morning and a long nap, the three of us took a drive.  We stopped for an ice cream and a little romp in a park.

Nugget LOVES water!
My boys!
Don't do it, 
but he did...
The Park

The weather on the Monday after Mother's Day was perfect.  I decided I wanted to pick Nugget up from 'school' and take him down to the park.

Nugget had more fun pulling apart leaves than he did playing on the equipment.

Looking back at the pictures I can now see that Nugget didn't look well.  By the time we got home from the park Nugget was sick.  Poor Baby!  At home he tried to play a bit, but kept laying down and nothing made him happy.  Within the hour he had chills and a fever of 104.2`.  

On Tuesday I took Nugget to the docotor's office.  He has bronchitis again ~ we're back to breathing treatments and an antibiotic.  I keep hoping THIS will be the last time. 

Sick Day
Nugget and I stayed home on Wednesday.  While I was in the kitchen I noticed things were too quiet!  I walked over to see this:

Nugget pulled the beanbag chair over to his books and had been 'reading'.  LOVE it!  I hope he always enjoys books like this.
I'm trying to read here.

May 4, 2011

April 29, 2011

Yesterday I was reading my friend Catherine's blog.  She wrote a post about marking important dates and events on her blog because she will be turning it into a book.   How clever!!  The more I think about it the more I LOVE the idea.  Therefore this post is a little back dated because April 29 was a big day around the world AND in our little corner, too.

Thursday evening, April 28th, my sister-in-law and I were texting back and forth about how fun it would be to get up early and watch the Royal Wedding together.  Problem: she lives eight hours away.  I thought we were joking, but suddenly my brother sends a text - "she wants to come invite her".

Long story short W hopped in the car the next morning and came for a visit.  She arrived late Thursday evening and stayed until early Sunday.  We had a wonderful weekend! 

Early Friday morning we were up for the festivities.  My mom came over and brought cake!  :o)   The wedding was amazingly beautiful!  I was sad that I had to go to work and couldn't sit and watch it all day.  I did get to see the best parts.

Thirty years ago I was visiting my grandma.  We got up at 3am to watch Charles and Diana's  wedding.   I can't believe it's been 30 years.  I can't believe their son is now getting married.  I can't believe how Prince Andrew has aged (I had such a crush on him!)  I know I haven't aged THAT much ~ I hope!

I'm glad W helped create a new memory for a Royal Wedding!  Oh!  And Nugget slept through this wedding.  He would have enjoyed seeing the Joes*, though

*Nugget calls horses 'Joe'.  Nugget's grandpa has a horse named Joe, so he thinks ALL horses are 'Joe'. 

That afternoon I took Nugget in for his two year Well Baby check-up.  He did so well at the doctor's office!

Nugget's Stats:
    Height -  36.5 inches
    Weight - 31.8 pounds
    BMI      - 16%

Nugget is in 92% for height and weight on the American charts.  He is off the Asian/Chinese chart. 

Nugget had to get a shot while we were there (second Hep B).  He barely let out a cry and then was back to normal!  He was such a big boy!!