December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

This Christmas was ~without a doubt~ the best Christmas EVER!!!  It was amazing to spend the holiday watching Nugget enjoy family, friends, and all the celebrations.  For the first time in a VERY long time we did not need the words, "maybe next year".

Here is a recap of our festivities in pictures and video snippets, with a few words thrown in for clarity.

December 23

My brother and nephews came in from New York.  They were amazed at how much Nugget has grown and changed since they saw him in July.  On Thursday J and T helped make sugar cookies:
T rolling the dough...
J adding some decorations

December 24th

We spend Christmas Eve at my parent's house with my side of the family.  We have a nice dinner and then open gifts.  Nugget sure was enjoying the evening:

J stirring the traditional risotto.

Happy, Happy Boy!!!
Look J - that's cool!
T and Nugget enjoying the fire.

December 25

The morning we have been waiting for!  Santa came to our house twice ~ he dropped off a nice table and chair set for Nugget earlier in the week.  Then he came back with a few more things.  Nugget wasn't too sure what to think at first, but then he really like opening gifts and playing with the new toys.
Nugget at his new table!

After our family morning, we head over to the in-laws for brunch.  It was extra special this year first because Nugget was with, but also due to all the snow we had over night.  It turned out to be a beautiful white Christmas!
Nugget wasn't interested in posing with the girls.
Without a doubt, his favorite part was playing with the paper!

Why can't I go outside with the girls?

So out we went...

C and M taking a break from sledding down the hill.

...but we didn't stay out long!

After stopping at home to recharge the batteries and a nap, we headed back to my parent's house for dinner.  We didn't stay long because Nugget was T-I-R-E-D.  He played hard and had a blast all weekend!

T came home with us to spend the night.  He and Nugget had a little b-ball game to wind down from a busy day of celebrations.

This was a Christmas beyond my wildest dreams.  I enjoyed every second of it, and didn't want it to end.  Actually we did get to celebrate an extra day due to the blizzard out east.  My brother and nephews stayed a couple of extra days to wait out the snow clean-up in their neck of the woods.  

Dreams really DO come true!!!

December 22, 2010

My Lil' Cookie Thief

I have spent most of today baking cookies.  Thankfully my parents took Nugget out this morning so I had a few hours to get some things accomplished.  When Nugget came home he wanted some cookies, he had to have some lunch and then a cookie.

Well, I guess one cookie was not enough for my little cookie monster.  I was in the laundry room when suddenly I hear Nugget crying for help.  I came out and see him trying to climb in a chair to get up to the table.  I tried to take a quick picture, but it came out fuzzy because I was hurrying before Nugget hurt himself.

After helping down my little cookie snatcher I moved the cookies out of his reach, or so I thought.  I went into the kitchen and was doing the dishes when I hear Nugget coming on his dolphin.  I hear, "Ma".  I turn to look and the little stink had a cookie.  I have no idea how he reached them, but he did. I couldn't help but laugh as he smiled and continued down the hallway, enjoying his cookie of course.

My Little Cookie Thief

December 20, 2010

Just Because...

...he is so darn cute!  Yes!  I know I'm biased.  ;o)

Nugget LOVES this little dolphin that we got for him just after we came home from China.  For the longest time all he wanted to do was sit on it and press the button for the music.  After a few months he used it as a stepping stool.  Lately though Nugget has been riding it back and forth from the playroom to the family room.  It's so dang cute.

He has another new craze which is wearing sunglasses.  He will wear them for the longest time.  Hope you enjoy!

Christmas Baking & Spiced Nuts

The ingredients are purchased, my lists are made, but I have yet to start baking.  If you remember last years table I am only making about half of the normal amount of cookies this year.  I have made some drastic cuts and yet I still can't get up the get-go to get in the kitchen.

When I do I will post some of the cookies that I am going to make this year.

I did do some baking on Saturday for Ryan to take to work today.

Every year I make spiced nuts for Christmas.  They are a huge hit on both sides of the family.  This year Big Bear was looking for a gift he could bring to clients for a little holiday gift.  I offered to make some spiced nuts ~ silly me.  I didn't realize he had so many people he needed to give a little gift to.

Once I got in the rhythm it was an easy task, just time consuming.  I baked eight pounds of nuts on Saturday night.
 Oooooo....  the house smelled so good.
Then I bagged up the nuts in cute little bags.  

Here is the recipe.  You'll love them, if you like those cinnamon nuts they sell at carnivals and in some malls.  These are better, if I do say so myself.

Spiced Nuts

1 Tblspn. water
1 egg white
3/4 cup sugar
1tsp. salt
1tsp. cinnamon
1 pound whole pecan halves.

Preheat oven to 250 degrees.

1.  Mix the sugar, salt, and cinnamon in a small bowl
2.  Beat the egg white with the water until frothy.
3.  Add the nuts to the egg white mixture.  Stir gently.
4.  Sprinkle the Sugar mixture over the  nuts.  Stir gently.
5.  Pour nuts onto a foil-lined baking sheet.
6.  Bake for one hour, stirring every 15 minutes.


December 16, 2010

Early Christmas Break

Today I'm on my third snow day this week.  There is so much snow coming down that more than likely we will be out tomorrow, Friday, as well.  That means that we are officially on Christmas Break.

It would be nice if I could get out of the driveway.  My little Honda could probably get up the hill, but it's not worth trying it today ~ maybe not even tomorrow.  Therefore Nugget and I will be snow bound for a couple of days.

Being stuck at home never bothers me.  I am a homebody ~ I love being home.  Nugget and I will play and maybe do some coloring.   We can also get an early start on some baking.  Today both of us are trying to get rid of a cold.  I can't begin to tell you how tired I am of being sick.  Hopefully the extra time off will help us all get healthy before Christmas.

Several years ago I heard a Christmas song by Third Day.  If you followed my old blogs you may remember the song.  The title of the song is Merry Christmas.  The song was written by one of the band members while he and his family were waiting to adopt from China.  Last year I don't think I listened to the song once ~ I couldn't.

This morning I had my iPod on playing some Christmas songs.  I was in the kitchen and Nugget was playing in the family room.  The song by Third Day came on and it surprised me.  I haven't heard it this year.  When I looked into the family room this is what I saw and thankfully the Flip was nearby so I could capture this memory:

This time the tears were coming for a different reason.  It's hard to believe that our wait is over and that this Christmas we can finally hold our little miracle.  Here is Nugget during the third verse, the verse that, at times, I never thought would come true for us.

I know Nugget isn't doing anything really cute or exciting to watch.  I do love how he keeps pressing buttons on the remote and then looking at the tv to see if he changed anything.  :o)  This video was more about me and the fact that I am really looking at him while this song is playing.  It may not make sense, but it does to me.

Here is the full version of Third Day's song in case you haven't heard it, or if you'd like to hear it again.

December 5, 2010

Brunch with Santa

Today we met Papa and Maemae, my parents, for brunch with Santa.  Nugget had a really good time - until Santa time.  I'll let the pictures tell the story.

Maemae, Papa, & Nugget
Happy Boy!
Love that smile!!!!

Love this boy!!!

Nugget didn't care for this Santa at all.

He tolerated him for a half of second!

My Family

December 2, 2010

Mostly Pictures

Cooking With Mom

Tonight Big Bear took pictures of how I cook every night of the week.  When we get home from school Nugget wants to be near me, preferably he wants me to hold him.  Over the last few months we have mastered cooking together.  When possible he sits on the counter.  I have also mastered doing many things one handed while holding Nugget.

Nugget has even started to help whenever possible!
Thanksgiving, 2010
Hey Girls!  May I join you?
Nugget loves his cousins!
When we are at Nannan's house Nugget LOVES to dance with Santa!
Let's Play it Again!
Dancing the afternoon away!
All the girls came and joined in the fun!!

First Snow
Zac saw his first snow on December 1st.  He kept saying, "Oooooooo!"
This is my new favorite picture!

November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
We have so much to be thankful for at our house this year.
Each and Every day that I get to spend with Big Bear & Nugget's is a gift for me.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Polar Bear

November 23, 2010

Christmas Parade ~ 2010

Our town has a HUGE Christmas parade every year on the Tuesday evening before Thanksgiving.  Big Bear and I took Nugget to his first Christmas parade tonight.  We met up with Nugget's cousins and his Nannan (grandma).  It was a lot of fun!  Nugget enjoyed the fire trucks and the bands best.  

I LOVE this boy!

Only in a small town can you have the manger scene in a parade!  :o)

Nannan, Big Bear, and Nugget are enjoying the parade.

Nugget enjoyed the cars and trucks more than the floats!

Oh Mom!  Enough pictures!

Look at that face!!

We didn't stay until Santa made his entrance.  After two hours Nugget and Mommy were DONE.  This was the first of many holiday events that I no longer have to say, 'Maybe next year.'  It's finally our year, and I am so excited about it all!!