December 5, 2010

Brunch with Santa

Today we met Papa and Maemae, my parents, for brunch with Santa.  Nugget had a really good time - until Santa time.  I'll let the pictures tell the story.

Maemae, Papa, & Nugget
Happy Boy!
Love that smile!!!!

Love this boy!!!

Nugget didn't care for this Santa at all.

He tolerated him for a half of second!

My Family


  1. .....and what a beautiful family you have.
    Love Nuggett's big smile.

  2. What a great smile and I LOVE that last picture. You all look great!

  3. That smile is just incredible!! :) Our little miss is just fine with waving at Santa from afar this year...hopefully next year she'll be willing to jump on his lap. Isn't this the most incredible Christmas!!

  4. What a happy boy!!! I love his smile! And I LOVE your family photo!

    I bet he'll dig Santa more next year. :D