July 8, 2011

Our Fourth of July Celebration

 Last year Zac and I didn't go out on the Fourth of July.  We had only been home a month and we weren't sure how he would do during the fireworks.   Zac is not a fan of 'loud'.   This year we celebrated at the farm with family.  Here are the highlights:

There was a bouncy!
One more hurdle!
Wishing he could drive the golf cart like all the other kids do
Giving cornhole tips to Gabe and Bella.
Visiting the ponies with Maggie and Sophie
Bree and Bella
Uncle G and Uncle B

Riding the bike since he can't drive the cart.
Waiting patiently for the fireworks...
...and waiting...

...it's going to start!
Not a fan of s'mores, but I'll take a graham cracker, please.
Zac' was not a fan of the boomers ~ we watched those
from inside the house.  Other than that though, he had a BLAST!!!

July 7, 2011

A Quick Trip

Last Weekend we took a quick, unplanned trip with my parents to Gatlinburg.  Bear and I LOVE Gatlinburg.  That's where we were married, and have we've been back many times since.  This was the first trip Bear and I have taken back to Tennessee since Nugget has been home.

Being completely honest, I was quite nervous how Nugget would do away from home.  In the past he has not been the best little traveler.  We have not stayed away from home since last summer, so this was a big step for all of us.

I'm happy to report that Nugget was a great traveler this time around.  We had a wonderful weekend with Maemae, Papa, and my niece Sophie.

We didn't really do much sight-seeing while we were down there.  We spent most of the time enjoying our cabin and the pool.  Bear and I did take Sophie and Nugget to the aquarium on day.  Nugget loves fish I thought he would really enjoy the aquarium.  He wasn't as thrilled as I thought he would be while we were there.  It was very loud and dark inside, and loud is not his thing.  Nugget did enjoy the penguins.  He liked them so much we came home with two penguin friends.

He are a few pictures of our weekend in the Smokies.

Checking out the cabin and loving the porch!
The view from Sophie's room!

Fun at the park!
Watching the jelly fish!

Enjoying the penguins!!

Waiting for the penguins to swim through the tube!
Leaving with a new friend!
When Nugget saw this penguin he hugged it and said, 'home'.
It was a done deal!

Taking a break from the heat with chocolate shake.
Look at THAT face!!

Such a Happy Boy!!
He LOVES the pool!