July 8, 2011

Our Fourth of July Celebration

 Last year Zac and I didn't go out on the Fourth of July.  We had only been home a month and we weren't sure how he would do during the fireworks.   Zac is not a fan of 'loud'.   This year we celebrated at the farm with family.  Here are the highlights:

There was a bouncy!
One more hurdle!
Wishing he could drive the golf cart like all the other kids do
Giving cornhole tips to Gabe and Bella.
Visiting the ponies with Maggie and Sophie
Bree and Bella
Uncle G and Uncle B

Riding the bike since he can't drive the cart.
Waiting patiently for the fireworks...
...and waiting...

...it's going to start!
Not a fan of s'mores, but I'll take a graham cracker, please.
Zac' was not a fan of the boomers ~ we watched those
from inside the house.  Other than that though, he had a BLAST!!!


  1. We don't do loud either. Your day looked like a blast.

  2. Maybe the fireworks weren't a hit but it sure looks like everything else was. What an adorable little boy.

  3. Oh my goodness!!! He is just sweetness all over... I could just eat him up!!! ;) Looks like an awesome day of fun!