July 30, 2010

A VERY Special Gift

Those of you who have read the blog for a while may remember when I posted about our completed 100 Good Wishes Quilt.  I was very fortunate that my Aunt Susie made this beautiful quilt for    Victoria Grace / Adisen Rylee. Good wishes quilt 1After we received our referral Susie called and said she had a new project in mind.  She had a pattern for a quilt that she wanted to do.  She asked that Ryan and I send her 20 t-shirts that mean something to us. 

I also asked my mom and my mother-in-law to contribute a t-shirt.  I new that this was going to be for Z so I thought it would be nice to have his grandparents in the quilt also.  I only sent 19 t-shirts because I hoped Sue would add a Cardinals t-shirt from her. 

For Z’s baptism Susie gave us the finished quilt:

Blurred quilt for blog I LOVE this picture!  Zac thinks that Daddy is playing ‘peek-a-boo’ with him.  You can see Zac covering his eyes.

The quilt is absolutely amazing.  Susie, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  The Good Wishes quilt I hope to give to a granddaughter one day.  I am sure Zac will treasure this quilt for years to come.  I know I will.  I can’t wait to curl up in the quilt with Zac and tell him about each and every t-shirt and why they are special.

July 28, 2010

First Trip to the Park

This afternoon Zac and I went to the park with Nannan and Zac’s cousins, Miss C and Miss B.  It was Zachary’s first trip to the park.  He wasn’t sure about things at first.  In the end we had a wonderful time.

The Slide

Zac wasn’t too sure about the slides at first.  ship slide bella cheering

purple slide


                      Down the blue slide and not so sure

By the end of the ride he was always smiling!


The Swings

Zachary enjoyed the swings:Happy Boy on the swing

Checking out Callie




Miss C. was so good to Zac today!   She pushed him on the swing.  She took him down the slide!  Thanks C!!








Around the Park

on the train On the train…

the park with Callie and Bella










Zac got dirty so we tried to wash his hands of in the water fountain.  He decided that he would rather wash his face. 

playing in the water 3

     playing in the water 2     playing in the water - silly boy

Such a silly boy!!

The Kids

The Ramsey Kids

Thanks girls!!  Can’t wait to do it again!!

July 27, 2010

For Aunt Sue

To say my aunt is a Cardinals fan would be an understatement. Aunt Sue has followed the ‘Cards’ for as long as I can remember. For years there has been banter about the Cubs vs. the Cards passed around. All in good fun and mostly because I just like to stir the pot a little. I don’t know ANYTHING about baseball. I do know that the Cubs are my hometown team and they’re a HUGE rival of the Cardinals ~ enough said. happy face copy small (2)

A few weeks ago we were very lucky that Aunt Sue could come for Zac’s baptism. Susie spoiled us with her gifts, but the funniest gift of all was this outfit for Zac:DSC01080Yes, my son is wearing a St. Louis Cardinals outfit. I must tell you that Uncle Brandon –who is a HUGE Reds fan- was not very happy. Personally I thought Zac looked cute in the outfit, but not nearly as cute as he’ll look in the Cubs jersey that he received from his Uncle Kent. I’m just saying…

DSC01079 I know it looks like he is crying to get out of the Cardinals outfit in this picture. The truth is, he just wanted to read his books.


The afternoon that we tried to take these pictures Zac was much more interested in his books. We couldn’t get him to do anything, all he wanted to do was read his books.DSC01063

Zac is heading to his bookcase!

DSC01064 He is looking for THE book…

DSC01065Success!! DSC01066 Trying to read…

DSC01067 …bringing the book to Daddy. DSC01068 Daddy please!

Here is a snippet of Daddy reading the book:

After he had his story Zac happily posed for ONE more picture~DSC01076

He was finished and ready to go to Nannan’s. He was out of here~DSC01078Thank you Aunt Sue and Uncle Darrell for the outfit. It is really cute and Zac loved wearing it!!

July 19, 2010

Mostly Just Pictures…

It seems lately that there just are not enough hours in the day.  I don’t know where the time goes, but I wish it would slow down just a tad.  It scares me to think about school looming around the corner in just a few weeks.  Any way, I will think about that on another day.  While I have a few minutes I thought I would just add some pictures from last week. 

Zac at 15 months



Zac hit 15 months last week.  He still is not fond of this particular polar bear, but he does seem to favor another one we have.


the thumb picture






 Love this smile








This is the smile we’ve been seeing lately.  It’s so cute!  I just excited to finally have captured it on film.




 pool - not happy about something

pool - with the keys

                                   Zac LOVES to go swimming. 

                                                                                                                                       Not sure why the lip, we thought it was funny

Playing with the cup 2

Zac loves to crawl around carrying his cups.




We had our first ‘play date’ with Miss C.  The funniest moment of the day was when Miss C pulled the stroller over to the table so she could have a seat while she and Zac played at the table.  So Cute!!


DSC01057Papa and Maemae came over for a visit yesterday.  Papa read Zac his favorite book One Little Penguin and His Friends.  Zac and I read that book at least twice every day.  He LOVES it!!

I have several posts coming, hopefully soon.  We had Zac’s Baptism almost two weeks ago, I want to write about that special day.  I also need to do his 15 month post, but time is slipping away.  It may become the 15-16 month post.  :o)  

July 9, 2010


I never thought that I would post bath pictures. For me personally, I never thought I would feel comfortable with posting my child's bathtub pictures.

Well, you know the old saying, "Never say Never".

Last night my nephew Tyler asked if he could take pictures. At first I was hesitant being that T is only 12 years old. I told him if he promised to only take nice shots he could have at it. Tyler took over 90 pictures. There are so many great pictures. I am so glad T asked.

Here are just a few of my favorites:

July 5, 2010

Fourth of July Weekend - 2010

We have had a very busy, but fun long weekend! This is the first major holiday we've celebrated as a family of three. We were home for Memorial Day, but we slept through most of that day due to jet-lag. My nephews are in from New York, and my niece is in from Chicago. It is the first time they've met Zac. He is starting to enjoy all the attention!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the weekend. They aren't in any specific order - except the last one - I saved my favorite for last!

Playing with Jordan and Sophie in the playroom.

Tyler asked for this flag fruit pizza. I didn't realize he thought it was tradition. It sure will be from now on Turtle Nose!!

Jordan and Zac!!

The boys!

Zac and his cousins

Checking out the ducks at the petting zoo, and he's not too sure about them.

The thumb is better, what do you think C.?

Zac's new friend C.

The UK Boys!

This is my favorite picture of the weekend!
My Boys!

I hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July!