July 9, 2010


I never thought that I would post bath pictures. For me personally, I never thought I would feel comfortable with posting my child's bathtub pictures.

Well, you know the old saying, "Never say Never".

Last night my nephew Tyler asked if he could take pictures. At first I was hesitant being that T is only 12 years old. I told him if he promised to only take nice shots he could have at it. Tyler took over 90 pictures. There are so many great pictures. I am so glad T asked.

Here are just a few of my favorites:


  1. I remember our conversations about this topic. Ha! I knew you would cave ;-)
    Love the pictures. Especially the last one!

  2. The next step down will be when you send out Christmas cards with your kid's picture on them LOL Adorable photos.

    He is soooo handsome..
    love the photos..
    Have a great weekend..


    I said the same thing about the bath tub, but I did go ahead and post some of Sarah not too long ago. I think if they are tasteful shots(like these) there is nothing wrong with it!! I am glad you handed the camera to Tyler......he did a fantastic job....and it is great to see you in some of the pics too. You look so happy Stacy......you are just glowing!

    Enjoy your weekend with your family:)


  5. Can't tell you how many times I have used the phrase "I will never.....". I've spent a lot of time eating those words. That's just the way it is with little ones. What a beautiful boy you have.

  6. Found your blog through China Adopt Talk, I may have posted before, not sure, but your son is beautiful, absolutely a handsome little boy and your love shines through all you do. These pics are so adorable, so happy for your family. We adopted our girl 2 yrs ago as an infant and now are in process for an older child. Best wishes to you!

  7. Pure sweetness! Aren't stacking cups the best?! We have them in baths, in pools, and where ever else we go since they seem to be a favorite around here.

    I'm catching up with you guys and it looks like the fourth was fantastic fun. I love that last pic of your boys. Melts a mommas heart.

  8. Great photos! Especially love the one where you're looking at each other and smiling. Sooooo sweet! =)

  9. Aren't after bath snuggles the best?? They smell so sweet!

    Adorable pics. Great job Tyler!

    Where did you get your little bath mirror? Have been looking for something like.

    I'm another member of the 'I'll never...' and then do it. My biggie was that Hannah wasn't going to watch TV for a year. Oops....lasted 2 months then this momma caved. Still very selective but for a single mommy it sure is helpful when I want to say...shower! :o)