July 27, 2010

For Aunt Sue

To say my aunt is a Cardinals fan would be an understatement. Aunt Sue has followed the ‘Cards’ for as long as I can remember. For years there has been banter about the Cubs vs. the Cards passed around. All in good fun and mostly because I just like to stir the pot a little. I don’t know ANYTHING about baseball. I do know that the Cubs are my hometown team and they’re a HUGE rival of the Cardinals ~ enough said. happy face copy small (2)

A few weeks ago we were very lucky that Aunt Sue could come for Zac’s baptism. Susie spoiled us with her gifts, but the funniest gift of all was this outfit for Zac:DSC01080Yes, my son is wearing a St. Louis Cardinals outfit. I must tell you that Uncle Brandon –who is a HUGE Reds fan- was not very happy. Personally I thought Zac looked cute in the outfit, but not nearly as cute as he’ll look in the Cubs jersey that he received from his Uncle Kent. I’m just saying…

DSC01079 I know it looks like he is crying to get out of the Cardinals outfit in this picture. The truth is, he just wanted to read his books.


The afternoon that we tried to take these pictures Zac was much more interested in his books. We couldn’t get him to do anything, all he wanted to do was read his books.DSC01063

Zac is heading to his bookcase!

DSC01064 He is looking for THE book…

DSC01065Success!! DSC01066 Trying to read…

DSC01067 …bringing the book to Daddy. DSC01068 Daddy please!

Here is a snippet of Daddy reading the book:

After he had his story Zac happily posed for ONE more picture~DSC01076

He was finished and ready to go to Nannan’s. He was out of here~DSC01078Thank you Aunt Sue and Uncle Darrell for the outfit. It is really cute and Zac loved wearing it!!


  1. How adorable! Aunt Sue will be proud of making another Cardinal fan. Just loved watching daddy read the book and he's so good at it.

  2. My eyes were swelling up with pride of my new little cardinal buddy. That is good that he likes books.

  3. Cute little outfit and what a great book! Daddy rocks with all the fun voices too!