October 28, 2009

Time To Catch Up...

This post is dedicated to my friend, Red Bud Pam. She sent me an email reminding me that I haven't checked off the days on my calendar that were referred a few weeks ago.

The GOOD from this month's batch of referrals is my friend Doris and her husband Dan received their referral. Congratulations!

The SAD from this month's batch is I was hoping for a bigger batch this time around. CC@@ did not send any referrals in September, therefore I thought we would have a larger batch in October. Nope! They are still playing it slow and steady.

In any event, we are four days closer than we were at the beginning of October. I doubt that we will have a referral by Christmas, like I hoped, but maybe we'll start 2010 with a BANG!

Thank you, Pam for keeping me focused. It means so much to me that you are still in the waiting game with us. Here is the updated calendar:
There are only 15 calendar days ahead of us now. How long that will take??? Anyone want to guess?
Since I'm at it, let's catch up on some other news.

Today I worked on 'paper work' again for the adoption. This was more exciting than renewal paper work. Our agency sent out a 'pre-placement' packet. (Trying to not get too excited!) In the packet were forms they requested be filled out and returned. One of the papers was contact information for the 'BIG' day. I had been waiting for this paper. I had to enter all of our phone numbers, email addresses, and our address so the adoption agency will know how to contact us when they receive our referral. (Toes are tapping, but trying to remain calm!)

This came after getting an email from them asking for the 'post-placement' fees. As one friend said, 'Who knew that the agency asking for money would be exciting!" How True!! Small steps forward, but I'll take it!! It's been SO long since I've felt we were making any progress ~ this is good.

A couple of weeks ago while shopping I found the most adorable sleeper. If you haven't guessed already I have a thing for polar bears. When I saw this sleeper there was not a doubt in my mind that we were getting one. Unfortunately it only went up to nine months in size, but I still snagged one. Look!
Look at the toes! Too Cute!!!

Last weekend I thought I would try my luck at the store in WV to see if they had any of the sleepers in larger sizes. They didn't, but look what the DID have:
I wanted to buy one in every size. I settled on the 18month size. I have NO CLUE whether Polar Cub will ever be able to wear this outfit, because I have NO CLUE how to buy baby clothes, but I LOVE it!

I do have some other things to write about, but I think I will keep this post all Polar Cub related. Oh! One more tidbit, Big Bear and I have finally agreed on a name for Polar Cub. Finally we have a name that 'spoke to me'. Don't ask, because we have decided not to share it until we have the referral. Yes, Mom - that means you too. :o)

Until next time...


  1. Only 15 calendar days left!!! So there actually is an end in sight!

    Love the cute polar bear clothes and can't wait to here the name!!

  2. Thank you for the congratulations! We are over the moon happy.

    I know how disappointed we were when we found out that the C2A2 had not gotten farther. I hope it is not much longer. Fricken sux!

    I heart the polar bear outfits. Too cute!

    Yea for a name! I sometimes wish we had kept our name choice to us too. Can not wait to hear and see who it belongs to!

    Keep smilin!

  3. PRE-PLACEMENT packet. I LOVE THE SOUND OF THAT!!! wow. 15 calendar days. this home stretch will hopefully fly by especially this time of year. man i am SO EXCITED FOR YOU guys!!!!!

  4. Oh Yeah..........love those blue X's just about covering the month of March. Thanks for dedication. I am honored. Don't know how I'm going to be able to wait for 15 more days. The end is SO near.
    My heart is skipping beats now. Praying that the days ahead will be filled with love and comfort for Mom & Dad.

  5. Only 15 more days... wow! I hope CCAA pulls some kind of magic outta themselves with this next batch to get you that referral by Christmas. I was so disappointed for all of us when they skipped Sept. So tired of waiting.

    But loving the polar bear stuff!

  6. You really are getting close now. I have been reading you forever. I lost you once when you went private but so glad to follow again especially since you are so close. There are just a few old timers left that I have to see bring their babies home, you are one of them, Doris and Dan were another, Yeehaw to them and also Krista.

    Soon, really soon....but however long it takes we are staying put right here in the cheering section. Don't go private again please!

  7. Bear with it (hah, I am SO funny ;0P

    What, you gave up on the name 'Jack'???? Nooooooo. :0)