June 24, 2011

Today At the Park

This morning Nugget wanted to go bye-bye.   He wanted to go out so much that he grabbed his shoes and one of his jackets and brought them to me.  So off we went to the park.

The first couple of times we went to the park Nugget wasn't sure about this slide.  Now he is a pro!

I can't tell you how many times Nugget did this ramp and slide.  
He did stop and blow me a kiss every time around.  ;o)

I'm so glad Nugget wanted to go bye-bye.  I wish the park wasn't 30 minutes away.  
I would love to take him every day!


  1. He is so sweet and hearing your voice made me miss you even more than I already do!!!

  2. What an adorable video. I loved it when he blew you a kiss. Such a sweetie!
    Love all of your recent posts.

  3. So sweet!! I love how he turns to you and blows a kiss when you say "I love you". Chick and Pea do the same thing!

  4. Too, too cute!! Wow, really wish you had a closer park! Miss S can't believe how big he got ;)

  5. Can't wait to see you both this summer. :-)

  6. Oh so cute!! What an amazing little guy to blow mommy all those kisses. Whatever did we do to have such AMAZING kiddos?? Your little man is adorable!

  7. Adorable! Jenny is now completely into the slide as well and she just giggles non stop as she slides down to the end. Just pure joy for us mammas!!