December 22, 2011

The Tree

Surprise!  A post from me!   I have several posts I want to share, so you may get a couple in the next few weeks.  No promises.  :o)

A couple of weeks ago we put up our trees.  We put up two trees this main one in the family room and one in the dining room.  The family room tree is definitely my favorite.  This year it was fun to decorate with my little helper.

Nugget wanted to add the beads himself.

I wish I could have left it like this.  Too cute!!
Looking for the right ornament to add to the tree.

Isn't he the cutest?

Nugget added some ornaments of his own.

More of Nuggets personal ornaments.
(They were gone by the next morning.)

Nugget is all about 'tars' this year, 'ehrow tars'  are his favorite.
When I saw this 'ehrow tar' at Hallmark I knew it was the ornament for him!

Nuggets picture from day care.

Our tree.
It won't win any decorating awards,
but it's the best tree I've ever had.

1 comment:

  1. Oh friend! It's absolutely perfect but like you, I love the pic with just Bear's beads on it the best!! I left mine with Hannah's little ornaments hanging from the lower branches for a full week.

    What a sweet little helper you have! How fun that our little ones are now able to help us out a bit! Hannah is becoming a tape master!

    Merry Christmas sweetie! 2012 would be extra special if we could get together!!