March 18, 2012

A Big Change...

A little more than a week ago Bear and I were sitting in the family room one evening when all of a sudden we heard, "where mommy daddy doe (go)?"  Next thing we hear is the pitter-patter of little feet running down the foyer.  Nugget had not only gotten out of the crib, which he had been doing on occasion, but he also got the door opened and came down the stairs.

At first we thought it was a fluke.  I thought maybe I didn't get the door pulled closed tight.  Nugget had gotten out of the crib  before, but he has never been consistent about it.   Fast forward to the next day during nap time, he escaped again.  I was more shocked that he could suddenly open doors, than I was about him climbing out of the crib.  That was the end of the sweet crib.

That Sunday afternoon Bear took down the side of the crib and converted it to the toddler bed.
Sniff, Sniff!!
The crib right before its deconstruction.

Helping Daddy

The proof ~ he was climbing IN the crib here.
Big helper

Getting bears ready for the change.

Aaaaahhhhh.... this is going to be comfy.

The toddler bed~
I think this has been more of an adjustment for Mommy than for Nugget.

First night in the converted bed.
We couldn't believe he stayed in bed ALL night!
The pillow is no longer in the bed.  He doesn't want to have anything to do with a pillow right now.
We have had the toddler bed one week today.    Nugget has gotten out of bed and come downstairs only two times when he should have been going to sleep.  We are proud of our little man!


  1. They grow up too quickly. Soon you'll be getting him a real bed...oh to keep them small.

  2. Such a huge step...for Mama. I think the crib is a really hard milestone.

    Nugget, you are such a big boy and so amazing for staying in your big boy bed.

  3. You're right, its a bigger adjustment for us. :)

  4. He's growing up! I agree, milestones like this are usually harder for us mommies than for our kids.

  5. A big change for sure! How can our little ones grow up so quickly??

    Nugget looks adorable in his toddler bed!

  6. Amazing how fast this all happens. Love how he's helping daddy out....too cute!!

  7. I can't believe how much his little face has changed since we saw you all last. Nice to see him in his big boy bed - much safer than vaulting over the side of that crib ;) Really enjoyed catching up with your blogs - I missed a lot!