November 25, 2008

Ramblings From Me...

I can’t believe that it is Thanksgiving week. I feel like I missed an entire week. I guess I basically did being out sick all last week, but WOW! Where did November go?

This has been a tough couple of days at school. I’m not feeling 100% yet. The kids are wired – waiting for Thanksgiving break to begin. Luckily I came up with a clever writing assignment in my fever stupor over the weekend. They have not complained about it at all, which is a first, and I am getting some good business letters from them. Double Bonus!!

The local radio station started playing Christmas music 24/7 last Friday. I had the kids write a letter to the general manager of the station stating whether they agree or disagree with the holiday format. It has sparked many good discussions and some very good papers. PLUS! We play the radio station all day! It has been fun! Thank goodness because that is about all I have the energy for right now.
Big Bear and I are leaving tomorrow for Chicago. Two of my brothers are still there. It is going to be a lot of fun. I haven’t been back to the area in nearly five years. I am really looking forward to it. We can’t decide whether or not to go down to Michigan Ave. on Friday. Part of me really wants to because there is no better way to kick off the Christmas Season. On the other hand, I hate crowds. I'll let you know what we do. :o)

Sunday we had a wonderful time over at the in-laws. There was too much food, but boy was it good! I did manage to get the cranberry salad, Layered salad and pies made. I took some pictures, but they didn’t come out very clear. I dropped my camera a few weeks ago, and I think I did more damage than I originally thought. I took 12 shots of the salad, and not one came out clear. I can’t tell you how many pictures I took of the pies and this is the only good one. Frustrating.
Pumpkin & Pecan Chocolate Chip

The pecan pie was a hit! It has chocolate chips in it and bourbon. Wow! It was good. I did learn something interesting. You probably already know this, but whiskey and bourbon are the same thing!! I found out that if it is made in Kentucky it is bourbon. All of the other stuff is JUST whiskey. I was confused because I asked Big Bear for the bourbon to make the pie and he brought in the bottle of Maker's whiskey. I told him I needed bourbon and that is when I learned this little tidbit. :o)

The Layered Salad is so good and so easy. Every time I take it somewhere I come home with an empty bowl. Which is a good thing because it isn’t the healthiest due to the real mayonnaise I use.

Layered Salad
Spring Mix (the recipe calls for iceberg lettuce but I don’t care for that)
Cauliflower or broccoli (this year I used broccoli – next year I’ll go back to cauliflower I like it better in this salad)
Red pepper
Red onion (you can use green onion)
Frozen green peas
Boiled eggs (I used four)
Shredded cheddar cheese
Bacon (The recipe calls for bacon, but I don’t add it because I don’t eat it.)

1 ¼ cup mayonnaise
2/3 cup Parmesan cheese
2 Tblspn. Sugar

Layer in any vegetables you like. The list is what I added this year. I always have more than seven layers. I don’t measure anything. I just eyeball what I think is a good layer depending on the ingredient. (Lighter on the onion and heavier on the red pepper, etc.)

Mix the dressing ingredients and cover the salad. Chill thoroughly before serving.


I hope each and every one of you have a Wonderful Thanksgiving.


  1. Glad to hear that you are feeling better. Have a wonderful time with your family and a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Hope you continue to feel better! All the food looks YUMMY!!!!

  3. Have a great trip! The pie picture is really good - worth all of the effort.

  4. You sound like such a fun teacher....what a great writing assignment!!

    The pies and the salad look great....thanks for the recipe...I will be making that one for sure!!

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving travels!!


  5. I like the writing assignment!

    I make a very similar layered salad. It is so yummy.

    Have fun in Chicago; it is one of my favorite cities ;-)

  6. XM radio already has channels dedicated to holiday music too - I programmed one of them in my speed buttons :)

    Didn't know that info about whiskey/bourbon... must take an alchie to know that ;)

    Love that salad - looks like Sheppards Pie! lol!!!

    PS - Did you say 9 maids a milking? And do you realize how funny that is when you're using a breast pump????

  7. Gosh - you always have the BEST recipes! Yum!

    Have a great trip and a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  8. You are the best cook.. You always have some great recipes..
    LOVE the salad..
    Have a safe trip and have fun..
    Happy Thanksgiving..

  9. Have fun in Chicago.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Have a great time in Chicago!! I'm totally drooling over that pie!!

  11. That pie looks amazing! i am so sorry you were sick!!

  12. Wow! Those pies are making me HUNGRY...particularly the thought of the Pecan Pie with CHOCOLATE CHIPS in it! What a great idea!!!

    The seven layer salad looks tasty, too!

  13. I am hungry!

    Drool..enjoy your Chicago visit.

    Keep smilin!

  14. I'm sorry to hear you have been sick - I have not been on the computer AT ALL - now I feel like a bad friend. God, that illness has been kicking our butts!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving - enjoy Chicago!! I love and miss you.
    I will be calling you next week - prob. Wed. to touch base....

  15. have a great time in Chicago- such a fun city! i missed out on thanksgiving food this year working so your pics are making my tummy rumble!

  16. I hope you keep getting better and better. That salad looks sooo good!

    Love, Kristy

  17. Thank you for the "you don't look old enough" comment!!! My husband is 10 years older than me so he had a headstart, but he looks younger than me!!! NOT FAIR!! And actually in the pictures you just can't see the wrinkles that I got from my grandma!!! Thank you though!!

    Love, kristy