March 18, 2009

I Voted...

For the first time EVER I voted for a contestant on American Idol!!
Chris Allen's song really 'spoke to' me.

I DO NOT get this one. He would be really good on the radio because he can sing, but -IN MY OPINION - he is hard to watch!

For the first time ever I'm really excited about this show tonight.

Maybe it is because I VOTED!!! :o)


  1. I've never voted before, so I am impressed!!!! As for Adam, it was like The Cult sings Country. Umm... not my fave.

  2. Adam was DEFINITELY hard to watch - he made that performance very -------what is the word I am looking for......sensual.
    The way he was singing, and almost groaning and stroking the mic stand - my God - he looked like he needed a cigarette after that performance.
    And I do like him - but last night was a little too over the top.
    My very Favorite is Danny.
    I am about to email you about Chris, because I have something to share with you that I want to keep on the down-low.

  3. You go girl! I have never voted before.

  4. Now Pug Mama should not be getting my eyebrow all up like that. Is Chris Allen her long lost brother or sumpin???

    Yeah, Adam gives me the willies for some kind of an underground cultish sort of way.

    Believe it or not I DO have time for AI in the wee hours of the morning. Heh, I'm up anyway.

    Like PM, Danny is my fave too.

  5. Chris (or is it spelled Kris?)is adorable, but Danny is my fave. I'm also dying to know what PM has to say about Chris...How can she do that to us? Post something like that and keep it on the down-low!! As far as Adam goes....That boy can SING! I kinda like him, does that scare you?! =)

  6. Ok..I wanta know what she knows about Chris also:)I also agree on what she said about Adam's song too.
    I do think Chris did a GREAT job last night. I could see Adam in Jesus Christ Superstar.

  7. I have voted once.. and I might have to vote this season also..
    Love it.. there are some really good singers..
    Have a great week.
    Glad to see you posting..
    Missed ya..

  8. I thought Chris was the best last night as well, tho I'm a Danny fan and I thought Adam had lost his performing mind last night. It was a little more than 'difficult' to watch!

  9. Ok.. I'm weird. While I didn't think Adam kept with the 'country' theme.. I actually liked his rendition (is that how you spell that?) It was totally different but for as weird as he is.. the song fit him. LOL

    I wanna know what's up with Chris too..

    LOVE Danny for the guys and for the girls.. I'm undecided as of now.