March 20, 2009


For as long as I can remember I have been a person who is ‘status quo’. I don’t do well with impromptu situations. I like a ‘plan’ for everything. I guess it is all part of my ‘Monk~isms’. I am happy when all things are smooth, steady, and ordered.

Shocked? I know my actions the last couple of years wouldn’t lead you to believe that I am that type of person. I would have bet money (lots of money) against someone who told me I was going to do some of things I have done over the last few years ~ I would have never believed them.

In the past I would have never:
-dreamt of traveling half way around the world one day to meet my daughter. (God willing). I have never been west of the Mississippi. I DON’T (didn't) travel far from home. But DANG I’m ready to go to China!!

-done a crazy thing like get in a car at 10:00 at night with a stranger. Drive to another stranger’s house, and then go with these two strangers all the way to Detroit and meet a third stranger. What the Hell was I thinking?

-gotten in the car, drive to some remote location in Georgia, to meet a group of women. Most of whom I didn’t know and the only thing we all had in common is that we are all adopting from China.

July, 2007

-gone back to Georgia a few months later and have one of the BEST weekends of my life with her and her. Firewood and asparagus will never ever be the same to me.

-Drive three hours every chance I can to spend a large quantity of time at Starbucks because time there with friends is priceless.

Nope I never would have believed any of this was possible. My family thinks I am crazy for meeting ‘Internet’ people. Knowing what I know now ~ I am so glad I stepped out of my little bubble. What a journey this continues to be.

Good Golly! This post was supposed to be a post about new dishes and how the change isn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I must be in a sentimental mood. Dishes seem rather trivial now. I think I will just let this be. I’ll tell you about the new dishware another time. :o)


  1. I can't begin to tell you how glad I am that you showed up that dark night....and all those that came after.

    Much love, friend.

    (I have met so many fabulous WOMEN through the 'meeting place' of the computer (you being at the top of that list). Now, the men? Check for axes ;0) No more of that.

  2. I've never met any of the women you mentioned but I've followed their blogs (and yours) for what seems like forever! Lucky for you to have met them.

    Good for you for being adventureous. Sounds like great things are happening because of it :o)

  3. That truly was one of the best weekends of my life, hands down, and God do I wish there were video cameras in every room of that house that weekend! What a riot that would be to watch over and over again!

    I'm thrilled that you ventured out of your little Monk-like world to step out into mine. If you hadn't, I'd never have such an odd way of looking at asparagus. :)

    Love you BFF... I know I'm a bit quiet these days, but that doesn't mean you aren't on my mind :)

  4. What? I thought that weekend in Detroit was the BEST of your life. :P

    Glad you stepped out of the box.
    I'm still in awe of the fact that some of my best friends came from this computer. :)

  5. Glad to have met you on this journey.. you are an AMAZING lady..
    sorry I was soo quiet.. but was new.. and that is just me the first
    Have a great weekend...

  6. LOL! I was going to write almost the same thing PIPO did! I still remember driving down the highway headed for Detroit and out loud asked myself, 'What am I doing????' 11:00 rolled around and still nobody was at the hotel I was really questioning myself but when the phone rang at 2am with this gal and her crazy Ohi-er accent....all was good! Little did I know that riding along with her was a new friend who would grab my heart from the vert start and never let go! Love you friend....and still laugh out loud when I grab for the 'oh poop' bar when driving and think of you!!

    Love ya sweetie! SO HAPPY WE'RE FRIENDS!!!!!!!

  7. PS - Bring on your China trip! It will happen friend and we'll all be jumping with excitement when you receive your referral...and then head a little further than the Mississippi river!!

  8. Awww, what a sweet post! It is such an honor to know you! The blog world is an amazing place, isn't it? :)

  9. wow - I can't believe it will 3 years this July since we have met.
    I am so blessed to call you my friend.
    Love you!

  10. Life is certainly a journey isn't it. We never know what's behind the next corner....nor will we unless we turn it.
    I'm glad I met you on the internet. Your an awesome person.

  11. I am so envious of your get togethers! There are several down my way that I know are adopting but they don't blog, or they don't even get on the Yahoo groups so those kind of things just can't happen , so until then I live vicariously thru you, Sea Star,Catherine, Pugmama, K , Pipo, Robin and many others! I am so glad that you have gotten out of your comfort zone, it is really lifechanging isn't it!!

    Have a great wednesday!
    Love, Kristy

  12. That is so cool!! Good for you!!!