April 12, 2009

36 Done!

3 years...

36 months...

1,095.7266 days...

26,297.4383 hours...

1,577,846.3 minutes...

94,670,777.9 seconds...
Our dossier has been Logged in China

But who's counting??

I stopped counting down months a long time ago, 
but the big milestones I still want to acknowledge. 
This is a big one!


  1. You are sooo NEXT...
    Happy 36 months..
    Have a GREAT Day..

  2. Happy 3 years!!!!
    I just looked at the 2006 calendar. I'm thinking 9 - 10 more months.
    What are you thinking?

  3. CRAZY!!!!!!! Sooooooooo proud of you guys though!! You've been through so much yet you are still steadfast for your little girl!!!

    I can't wait!!

  4. 3 yrs. Wow! You're definitely on the downhill of this. I'm with PM. But I'm thinking it could even be before the end of THIS year you see that face. :)

  5. Isn't it crazy!!! Happy 36!! Almost done...yeeeehaaaa! Keep the faith.

  6. Happy(?) 36! I hope not too much longer.

  7. 36 behind you and closer every day friend!!! Cannot wait to celebrate your referral!!!!!!

  8. Your day is coming..and I hope soon:)
    Happy Easter!!

  9. 3 years done! Your very close...keep the faith girl.

  10. Hey - at least we can pretty much bet our dingledorks that this is the LAST BIG ONE you have to note.

    Jack is coming....and I can hardly wait!

  11. LOL! Can't half tell you're a teacher, with all those maths statistics!!!

    :) Glad you have 36 months behind you - it means there are very few in front of you!!! :)

  12. Happy 36 to you!!! The last major milestone, hopefully.

    Love you, my friend!

  13. Yep, who would've thunk!
    I just can't wrap my head around it taking that much longer, maybe I'm just too much of a wishful thinker, I'm thinking we will probably get our referral in September, and you'r just behind us, so I believe you'll get yours before the end of this year too!

  14. 3 down! That is a big one! I would love to see you get your referral this year. One can always hope!

  15. Happy 36 BFF... you're very very close, I can feel it :)

    Love ya!

  16. Happy lidaversary. We are 2 months behind ya....I can't believe my lidaversary is going to bypass my age!