May 26, 2009

Happy Dancing in KY

There are quite a few things to be jiggy about around here!! I think I'll just give a few of them ~ bullet style.

~My friend T and her husband received their daughter on Sunday. Jump over to here to her blog to see all E's cuteness!

~ We only have 8 days left of school.
Only 3 days left with seniors!!!!

~I've been back in the pool for two weeks. Yes, I've been bad. This morning I swam six 100's!!! ...and I didn't die of a heart attack!!!

~ We only have 8 days left of school.
Only 3 days left with seniors!!!!

~My family has planned a vacation in Tennessee the first part of July! Two of my three brothers, their families, my parents, and Big Bear and I will be spending a week sitting back soaking up the sunshine! Can't wait!!!

~ We only have 8 days left of school.
Only 3 days left with seniors!!!!

~There are only 28 days ahead of our LID!!
That knocked me for a loop the other day!

~ We only have 8 days left of school.
Only 3 days left with seniors!!!!

The BEST news of ALL:
~Our new I797C came in the mail on Friday!!!!
We are good until October, 2010. Polar cub will surly be home by then!!!


  1. Sounds like you have been doing really well..
    and you are going to have a great summer..
    I see baby girl coming soon..
    glad your paperwork is all complete for the 3rd time..
    I have to look at ours today and see when ours is due next..
    it will be the third time for us also..
    Hopefully no 4th time..
    Have a great week.
    Congrats on getting back in the pool.. great job.. I need to do something...

  2. Many great reasons to boogie!

    Keep smilin!

  3. I heard a rumor and I'm checking to see if it's true. Do you really have 8 days of school left?

  4. alright on your paperwork!!!!
    now tell me again ---- how many days do you have let of school???
    What dates are you going to be in TN?
    We are going late June --- if we're not in China.

  5. WooHooo!!!
    So I guess you are dreading summer:)
    Have a FUN 8 days (and 3 with seniors)

  6. how many days of school left? enjoy the end of the school year and omg 28 days seems like nothing.. your getting there and I could not be happier for you guys.

  7. Woohoo for you, I am just now starting the renewal process, since it took them forever last time ours doesn't expire until Aug. 26, I was so hoping we wouldn't have to redo again, but at this point I'll do whatever it takes, hubby was not too happy about having to pay for it this time around though!
    It is weird thinking we are so close! after all this time, I'm starting to get a little nervous!
    Hope you have a GREAT SUMMER!!!

  8. Such great news on so many fronts! Counting down those schoold days...suhweeet!

    Wonderful news about your paperwork update. Phew...done!

  9. Yeah.. school is almost out for summer!!

    Yeah..for summer vacations

    Yeah...only 28 more LID... 28 MORE LIDS !!!

    Yeah for finished paperwork

    Yeah for getting back in that pool. You go girl!!

  10. We've just bitten the bullet (& stopped being in denial) and began our paperwork. third time is a charm, right? xo

  11. Yay to getting your I-797C! Woohoo!!!

    I think you should be a little more excited about only have 8 more days left of school with seniors. ;)

  12. Now that is all a lot of GOOD news.

    Love seeing that...and that you have less than a month to cover before Jack is on the horizon for you two!

    Swim on and steer clear of dingledorks.

  13. 28 days!!? Wow... you're definitely getting a referral in 2009! Does that freak you out? Just a little? LOL! So exciting!!

  14. Loving the boogie dance!! You got some great stuff going on and keep on swimming!

  15. 28 Eh! That's impressive!
    Congrats on the finished paperwork, what a hassle!
    Vacy sound exciting!
    Ummmmm, just wondering.....are you a little EXCITES that there are only 4 days left and 0 with seniors?!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  16. I am so glad that your paperwork is done, and how many days are left now????? lol


  17. good things ALL around! i will join in the happy dance with you :O)

  18. Glad you got your paperwork back cause your time is tickin!

    We decided to skip TN this year to wait out Eme's adjustment period, but oh how I love our lake time...I surely will miss it. June is when we are always there.