May 13, 2009

It NEVER Ends...

… Paperwork that is.

Big Bear received a call from our social work agency this morning. It seems that USC!S needs a few more things from us.
Heaven Help Me!

We have to send a notarized statement stating that we have never filed an I600. WHAT????? Also one of our letters of recommendation was not dated. Our friend must redo the letter with a date. Kidding RIGHT??????

I called our social worker back because I was confused. Then I got a little worried about this. We did file the I600A. It seems that we WILL file an I600 when we travel. There have been cases of people sending in an I600 for an extension for a second adoption on the paperwork from their first adoption. So starting LAST WEEK everyone must send in a notarized paper stating they have not filed an I600.

The fun continues… I’m off to do more paper work.

Ps. I’m a terrible blogger lately, I know. Sixteen school days and I may have a bit more time ~ if I’m not still sending in paper work. ;o)


  1. Oh man! I am SO dreading going through this again...I have the social workers number on my to do list today, I guess I should suck it up and deal with it. ugg....

    Counting the school day's with you!! Come on summer!

  2. Geez... we have one more time hopefully that we have to send in paperwork.. and that is it..
    Bring it on.. and then we will be done with it..
    Happy 16 days..

  3. Oh gosh I feel your pain! It WILL all be over soon.
    Love, Kristy

  4. You are dead right about the paperwork!!!! When we got home with Tari... there was still more!

  5. Are you kidding me?? They didn't notice the first 2 times that your friend's letter wasn't dated? We just sent everything to USCIS and our social worker for our third I600A...I guess I should start on that notarized letter. Ugh.

  6. I must say, I am so glad to be out of paperwork hell! And I did NOT have to go through as much hell as you all are having to!
    I sure hope we get to April soon. I know my hope is not as much as your hope but I really want to see your sweet girl (or boy) this year. You are so good with Maddy when we visit and I just know in my heart you are going to be an AMAZING mom!

  7. I think they are busy making even more hoops for everyone to needlessly jump through. Is that whittling I hear?

    Enough already! Hah - my original letters of recommendation were from 2005. I'm surprised they didn't 'expire' too.