June 23, 2009

Could It Be...

...possible that we will see Polar Cub's face before the end of the year???

The chart above is from Rumor Queen's blog site. I normally don't look at the charts and graph, because they have been so depressing. This week, though, I did go onto the April '06 forum located on the RQ's site. There is such a feeling of energy and excitement in the forum, I can't help but get a little excited.

According to this chart, even if we only look at the worst case scenario we could quite possibly see our referral before Christmas. Our LID (log in date) is April 12. That would mean that we would be in the next batch NOT listed on the chart in the worst case column. It almost doesn't seem possible, and makes me all teary just typing this. We could see our munchkin in six months. Holy Crap!

In my little head I was thinking we would have a February referral, but I'll take it sooner. I'm trying so hard to not get too excited. You all know how this goes, anything can happen in the world of waiting, but good golly the light at the end of this everlasting, never ending tunnel just got a little bit bigger.


  1. I'm hoping with you and watching that light at the end of the tunnel get brighter and brighter.

  2. I've thought for quite awhile now that you'll have a referral by Christmas. Maybe sooner. You're close .... definitely close. :)

  3. First time I've ever thought of horrid as a good thing! Yay! Bring it on! Sooner the better!
    Looking forward to seeing your new cub.

  4. You will have her before the end of the year...
    Looks like things are finally falling in to place..
    Have a great week..

  5. now that is something to smile about !!!!

    ps.. love the paint... wanna come do my house?

  6. Wheee!!!! SO excited for you! May you hang an ornament on your tree this year with your baby girl's picture in it!!

  7. OH yeah you will!!! I am starting to SO FREAK OUT! It's weird after such a long wait, now it seems like it's going by fast, and I'm not prepared, how in the heck can that be???!!! For some reason ever since the first of the year I have September in my head for our referral, and you are just behind us! It would be so cool if we got ours at the same time!!!!!!
    Oh, and I love your den color, it's almost the same as mine! Nice and cozy.

  8. !!!! Oh man I am sooo hopeful we'll see her before Christmas!!!!