June 22, 2009

Family Room - Done!

The last time I posted I commented that Big Bear and I were about to start our 'Family Room ReDo'. The project wasn't as terrible as I thought, and I LOVE the results. Here is a couple of pictures of the before:
Big Bear did the top trim, and I did the base and window trim. Not a shocker to those of you who know us. *hahaha* I got up to move around the corner and this is what I see:
Love him!

After we finished the first round of trim work Big Bear commented how dark the color looked. It really did look darker than we had planned. Well, we finally figured out that I brought home the shade darker on the color swatch than the one we planned on. The color was supposed to be Teddy Bear Tan. Instead we got Smokey Topaz. I don't know if it was my fault or the paint guys, but it doesn't matter because this really turned out perfect.
The color looks a little more rust in the pictures than it does on the walls.

Now we are in discussion about what will go back on the walls. I really want to put the clock back up, my grandpa made it and even though it doesn't work anymore it means a lot to me. Big Bear doesn't show horses any more, so we are sort of past the horse pictures. I don't know which ones, if any, will make it back on the walls.

I did order these print blocks last week.
I saw them back in April on Pioneer Woman's blog and fell in love with them. I knew I wanted to find a place for them. We are going to put them up over the sofa table. Now the only question is two by two or four across????
The art work is titled 'Rain Prism' Here is the link if you would like more info or even want to get them for yourself. :o)

Next on the agenda are to paint the closets in polar cub's room. Hopefully I'll get that done this week. My niece and nephews arrive the first of next week, so I know I won't get much done while they are here. I'll be too busy playing! :)


  1. LOVE the new look.. the paint color is wonderful..
    as for the clock.. I would put it back up.. and as for the artwork..
    Love it..
    I can't wait to see the polar cub's room.. you are getting soo close...
    I soooo hope that they start referring tons of babies..
    Have a great summer..

  2. LOVE the new color...

    They are really cool blocks, I would do 4 across... it looks like a long wall and the across would make it look longer.

    Nice job!! Hope you are enjoying vacation!! 3 more days and IM DONE!!!!

  3. Your re-do is lovely, great job!

  4. Love that color! It looks great!

  5. I like the color, too. Very warm and cozy.

    How to position the blocks also kind of depends on how long the wall is and how big the blocks are. I like things symmetrical... part of my OCD. So I usually center my wall hangings ... either on the middle of the wall they're going on or in the middle of the furniture they're hanging above. Does that make sense?

  6. Awe...romantic and oh so purty too! Fun blocks of colour. Looking forward to seeing them hung.

  7. I love that color. Your room looks completly different with the darker paint!! It looks so warm in there now.
    Love the tiles too.