July 19, 2009

I Finally Started...

For the last four years I have waited for this moment, and today it began. Way back when we first started the adoption process I knew exactly what room would be a nursery. I never wanted to start remodeling the room until we were close. I am so glad I didn't start the day we sent our paperwork to our agency. It would have been so hard to look at an empty nursery for so long. Also the theme in the nursery has changed from 'daisies & ladybugs' to 'polar bears'. I LOVE the idea of polar bears!

At the end of the school year I decided that I would at least get the nursery painted this summer. I am VERY hopeful that THIS is our year. Sometime before this school year is over I am going to meet polar cub. If not then someone is going to have to take me to the 'funny farm'.

Now that the nieces and nephews have gone home and vacation is over, it is time to start this project. I started by cleaning out the closets, wiping down the baseboards and taping them. While I was taping I actually got a little emotional. I couldn't quite believe that I was really doing this job. It sort of seems surreal.

Here is a look at the room before:
I can't wait to be rid of this hideous ceiling fan!

The closets are now empty. They are two smaller closets. I wish it was one large closet, but we think there is some duct work between them.

You can see I don't have many clothes at all for Polar Cub. I have been so hesitant to purchase anything. Just incase we get a 'Jack' instead of a 'Jill'.

I have been starring at these paint chips for three months! I never realized there were so many different blues! I really like the second color on the bottom two chips. The only problem with them is they have quite a bit of purple. If we get a 'Jack' I don't think a purple room is a good choice. I'd be painting again before we left for China.

This is it! After many painstaking hours of starring at all of the different colors. I kept coming back to this one. I know the photo is lousy, and it really isn't the same as it looks in person, but I love this color. It's called Alaskan Range. Perfect!

Tomorrow I am going to paint the closets, just a fresh coat of white. Tuesday my friend is coming to help me make the window treatments, and hopefully by Friday we'll have the room painted. WOW!!! I am really starting to get a little excited. :o)


  1. You are starting the nursery. How exciting is that? It is getting more real every day :-)

  2. OMW... I am soooo excited to see the finished room.. what is going to be better is little Polar Cub in that little baby bed..
    it will be before you know it..
    Love the color..

  3. Oh friend! My eyes teared up just reading about you beginning your nursery for polar cub!! Wow...it really is happening...IT REALLY IS!!! Wheee!!

    Looking forward to watching your progress.

    Love you. Miss you like crazy!! xo

  4. EXCITING!!! I can't wait to see it all done!

  5. Oh how wonderful! I look forward to seeing the progress and the finished project. Enjoy!

  6. I just giggled and clapped my hands together!! You are decorating the nursery!! Wahhooooo!

    You will definitely see your polar cub be school ends!!


  7. I'm with Catherine!! I know how hard this journey has been for you and how deep down you were always not sure this dream of yours would actually come true! I'm sooooooo excited for you and I love your new theme idea!!! Have you found some cool bedding etc that are polar bears???!! VERY cool!!

  8. It is a surreal feeling when you start the room for your child. I lived with 16x16 paint patches of blue for 6 months before I could decide. I worried about those same dang purple undertones. Sooooooo fun to see your room when you get it done for either Jack or Jill....

    I am so sure you will see your little one before the end of this year!!!

  9. Very exciting, can't wait to see your finished room.

  10. So exciting! Looking forward to seeing the room all done and a little polar cub in there!

  11. I am so psyched for you that you started decorating! It is hard but we are slowly opening our hearts.

    Keep smilin!

  12. Wahoo... Can't wait to see the finished product! And.. definitely can't wait to see that referral of Polar Cub! :0) I think I'm seeing some light at the end of your tunnel :0)

  13. I couldn't decide on my green and actually bought 5 little tiny sample cans at Lowe's to test colors. Only about $3 a piece, I think. Paint looks so different on the wall in various lighting throughout the day then it does on that color strip. If you're still not sure maybe try that and look at it for a few days to help you decide.

    I'm excited to see the finished project!!

    PS. Every time I look at that little red, white and blue halter outfit... I remember the day we bought it together, imagining someday our girls would have matching outfits. I hope Jack doesn't mind the ruffled tank top. LOL!

  14. Love it! Congrats on starting the room!!

  15. Ahhh...good times ahead!

    I can hardly wait to see your baby's nursery come along. It will only be topped by seeing you and your baby IN that nursery :0)