July 27, 2009

The search began...

Today I began the search for a day care. I thought that while I had some time off from school I could narrow down my choices of day cares. In our area we don't have many to choose from, but I still want to do all I can to find the best possible place for Polar Cub.

The phone calls were pretty basic at first. Then when I couldn't give the age of my child, the sex of my child, or the date our child would be needing to start day care I was pretty much given the brush off and told to, "please give us a call when you have more information."

Okay, after a while being given the brush off is a little rough, but I can understand. I worked in day cares all through college. I understand they work in the here and now. I understand I don't have a "delivery date" or any of the normal information that a future mom may have, but I do have hopes that this school year I will have a child that may need your services. Please have a little time for me.

After getting some good advice from a good friend about another possibility I called our local school district. That is where the 'shiitake hit the fan'. After making me feel like I didn't know what I was talking about this woman said, "All day cares are the same. You drop your kid off, they play, they eat, they get sick, they go home." What the HELL!?!?!?!

This is going to be a long, LONG search. I am going to a meeting at the school district where I work later in the week. Since they seem to be moronic at our local school district, I'll go where I know some people who may still give me the brush off, but hopefully they'll be kinder about it.

Heavens this SUCKS!


  1. It will happen and you will know when you find the perfect one! You wont believe this but the walls of our nursery's are the same color!!!! I am gonna post pics again soon of Franceskas room. Our nursery has been done probably for about 2 years and it has actually been good for me because I go and sit in there and my 4 yr old neice is so protective of that room , she does not want anyone to mess anything up!!! I think it is so cute!!! I cant wait to see it all finished.

    Love, Kristy

  2. Even though I never had to search for a daycare, I can only imagine how hard this would be.

    You will know it when you find the one that is right for the cub. I suppose driving her up to Cinci every day so that I can watch her is out of the question?

  3. Sandra....don't tempt her:)

    You will find the place that works for your little one. Keep me posted!

  4. That does suck. I hope you get some answers and some better treatment soon. Man... I wish we could just all be SAHM's! I'm going to buy a lottery ticket right now. LOL!

  5. So tough! Hopefully you'll find the right match soon so that you can check this one off your 'to do' list. Until then, I'm sure Sandra would be happy to come to your place each day ;o) to watch Polar Cub!

  6. Oh wow....I can't say I got the brush off but I did get the 'she must be crazy' tone when I didn't know the sex or age of my child ;0)

    That school district person is OUT OF HER MIND. I can assure you that all day care settings are NOT the same and I have the pictures to prove it...and that was from a setting I initially felt good about.

    Follow your gut my friend AND talk to other parent references.

    I feel for ya!! Believe me. But, you WILL find the way to the place right for you and the cub.

  7. Stacy.. I agree with everyone else here. I had put Maddy into a setting I thought would be wonderful. It was state approved (with 5 stars). It appeared to be very put together but everyday that I would drop Maddy off there she would cry. She would cry just as hard when I picked her up. I just sensed that things were not right. The daycare she was in was run by very young girls. I finally got her into a much smaller daycare just up the road from us. It's held in a church. It's run by women who are in their 50"s/60"s. Maddys class has about 7 - 10 kids in it. She LOVES it. She only cried the first day and I think that was because it was someplace new. She has not cried since and she has blossomed like you would not believe!!! Keep searching and don't discount those small church or home settings. :0)

  8. OMG - that comment is ridiculous! Here is how our search went - I talked to the director of a preschool who has a lot of knowledge of local day care providers. She eliminated several. I called the rest and visited the one I was most interested in. Didn't get warm fuzzies 'cause the director poo pooed using sign language (something I highly recommend). Got the application packet and did nothing with it. Went to China and came home with Olivia. My SIL works at a local elementary school and she sent out a school wide email asking who people use/like. Called everyone on that list. Visited the one in home provider most recommended. Loved her and Olivia has been there ever since.