August 5, 2009

No Fluff...

This post is just me getting out some feelings. If you need a happy post, you might want to move on to the next one.

Yesterday I stopped at the gas station. While walking into the store a young girl, maybe 17, was infront of me with a baby. It was a cool rainy day yesterday. This baby had on a diaper and a thin onsie. That is it!! The girl walked over to where her friends were standing by the slushy machine.

I walked back, got a soda, and went to pay. Standing in line I watched this young girl acting like a high school teenager should act; flirting with the boys and whispering to her girlfriend all with with a baby on her hip. It made me sad. Sad for the girl, sad for the baby, and sad for me.

I came home and got on the computer. MISTAKE number one. Fooled around surfing for a while ending on the Rumor Queen's site. MISTAKE number two. I began reading about the new rules the CDC is placing into effect when adopting internationally.

I had first read about this last week and signed a petition. I thought it was mainly affecting babies from other countries. I feel horrible for all of the families dealing with this. All of the stories I read were from other countries, not China. I didn't realize that this could happen in China also.

All children, from the way I understand it, are given a TB test during a medical check. If the baby tests positive for TB on a skin test she would then be given an x-ray. If the x-ray comes back positive a sputum test would be given. The results of that test take up to eight weeks. If the sputum test comes back positive the baby will be sent back to the orphanage for treatment. Big Bear and I would have to come home and then go back six to eight months later to bring her home.

The thought of going over, having our baby for two weeks or more, and then having to send her back is more than I can take right now. All night last night I kept thinking of the girl and her baby at the gas station. She shouldn't be there with a baby on her hip! She should be enjoying that time with her friends. The baby should not be in that situation either. The baby should be snuggled at home.

Why is it this way? I don't think I will EVER, EVER understand why it is so hard for some people ~ who all they dream of is to be a mom ~ to become a mom. As a kid I never dreamt of my wedding, I dreamt of having a large family. Yet, it seems like every road block possible is thrown in the path of my dream.

If you have a moment please go to the link below and sign the petition. Hopefully it will help those who are dealing with this right now. I pray that the government will come up with a solution, soon.

For the past few weeks I have let myself get excited again about the adoption. I should have known better. That is the way this adoption seems to work for me ~ major highs to devastating lows. In time the hurt will ease again, the tears will stop, and all will be ok.

Maybe tomorrow...

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