August 3, 2009

Nursery Update

I wasn't going to post about the nursery. I don't really think anyone but my mom is interested. Then I remembered that I love to look at other peoples' nursery decor and I decided why not. :o)

Here is what is finished so far:

I found this little bench this weekend.
Sandra isn't it PERFECT!?!?!

I wanted to get a close up of the window sheers.
They have tiny snowflakes on them and a little bit of glitter!
At night when the light is on the glitter shimmers.

Close up of the pictures I received for Christmas. LOVE them!

I still have to get the crib ready.

This is the ceiling fan that we found.
I was worried I wouldn't find one that I loved, but I did. :)

That's it so far. I have a few more things I want to do, but if China calls tomorrow and tells us to come ~ I'm ready.
Wishful thinking - I know!


  1. LOVE IT... and I am interested.. thanks for posting..
    Have a great week..

  2. Beautiful! So warm and cozy!

    Heh...had to laugh when you said if China called you were ready. If China calls tomorrow I'm in so much trouble! :o) Started working on things today and doing little bits each night this week.

    Your sheers are beautiful with the shimmering snowflakes. Cool!

  3. I'm interested, too. Thanks for posting the update on the nursery. Love the glittery snowflakes. I also love the polar bear theme. What a neat idea!

  4. Are you kidding me? Of course, we want to see!!

    Looks awesome. I just love that color. The sheers are pretty. How fun for a kid that they glitter? She (or he) will love their room.

  5. I love looking at nursery (and big girl room) piccies. Love the little details of the sparkly snowflakes, the wall pictures and of course the room color, it's almost the same as our guest bedroom! Can't wait to see Polar Cub loving her room!

  6. Yes, I AM interested!! It looks fabulous! I love that little bench; it is indeed perfect :-)

    Sp, did you sneak it into the house or did Papa Bear help you put it together??

  7. I am also interested and LOVE IT! Really working on putting the nursery together was what finally made the whole process feel real to me. Enjoy!

  8. I LOVE your theme idea Stacy!!! The curtains are perfect!!! :) I'm so excited watching you prepare for your baby girl!! Please do keep sharing!! :-)

  9. It's so cute! I love that color so much too.

  10. I love the nursery and those curtains are adorable! I'm interested so keep on posting!!