June 14, 2010

Zac Facts - 14 months

Zac is14 months old today!! It is hard to believe that on Wednesday Zac will have been in our arms for one month. It’s also hard to believe that we have been home from China for two weeks. I can honestly say that time seems to be flying, and all I want it to do is stand still for a while. I am not ready for my baby to grow and change as quickly as he’s changing. I enjoy the ‘lil emperor’ and wouldn’t mind if he stayed that way a little longer.

That may be a wish, but it also makes me so happy to see him grow and develop. I can’t believe how quickly he has learned so many things. When we first met Zac he couldn’t feed himself, hold a sippy cup, or crawl, but now he can do all of those things and more!

Zachary Rohn Min Yang at 14 months

I’ve decided to follow several of my friends and write a monthly post with Zac Facts. I enjoy reading others post like this. I especially enjoy reading about the babies that are around Zac’s age. Those posts offer a reference that helps me. So, here are the Zac Facts at 14 months.

Growth & Development

  • Height 31.5 inches
  • Weight 24.8 pounds
  • Crawls easily on any surface
  • Moves to a sitting position easily
  • Pulls himself up to a standing position using furniture or other stationary object
  • Sidesteps around table while holding on
  • Walks while holding onto someone’s fingers.
  • Wears 18month clothing. Some 12month shorts will work, but 12month pants are too short.

Playtime & Toys

  • Loves anything with lights, bright colors and music. His favorite toys are the popping ball game and Play, Learn, Drive by VTech
  • Favorite game is to bang two objects together ~ any two things will do
  • LOVES balls! Last week Zac learned to toss a ball. He LOVES it! When Zac plays catch he just giggles and laughs.
  • Zac will have NOTHING to do with stuffed animals of any sort! No interest. Not even a very cute Riding Polar Bear up in his room. When we try to put him on the polar bear he does this flying superman impression so he won’t have to touch it.

­Naps & Sleeping

  • Zac sleeps 10-12 hours a night in his crib, in his room.
  • Ryan or I sit in the chair in his room until he falls asleep. Some nights are easy, some nights he fights sleep.
  • Zac sleeps with the blanket we sent him in a care package when he was in China. There is a silky border and before falling asleep Zac pulls the blanket until he has a corner in his left hand. He then sucks his left thumb. With his right hand he rubs the silky border either between his fingers or on his cheek.
  • Zac takes a two – three hour nap every day. We are still working on getting a schedule for naps. Some days he will take two short naps and other days he’ll take a long three hour nap around noon. What ever works I guess.
  • If Zac ‘power’ naps forget about any other napping. When he falls asleep in the car, he will not go back to sleep once we are home. He will be up for another two hours at least.


  • Zac loves to eat, but is a very picky eater.
  • When he is HUNGRY he will only eat his favorite things, and I have to feed him fast. He doesn’t like to try new things when he is really hungry, he spits them back and begins to cry.
  • Zac can eat small crackers easily. It’s not always pretty, but he will eat most of a cracker successfully. When we first met him Zac couldn’t eat anything on his own.
  • He drinks a bottle once or twice a day. We had to switch to whole milk a couple of days ago. The American formula was making him spit up after every bottle. He never did that on the Chinese formula. He doesn’t get sick on regular milk.
  • Zac’s favorite foods right now are: eggs, yogurt, macaroni and cheese, sweet potatoes, bananas, crackers, broccoli, potatoes, peas
  • Sometimes he will eat pasta, chicken, oatmeal, carrots, and zucchini. These things I have to be sure to disguise, for example he will only eat the chicken if I mix it with some baked potato. I can never feed him these food first if he is really hungry. He has to start with one of his favorites.
  • Zac does not like cottage cheese. He literally gags when I’ve tried to give it to him. He also does not like peaches or watermelon. Spits them out every time!


  • Zac sucks his thumb. He prefers to suck his left thumb, but will be satisfied if he can get to the right one. When we first came home he was stressed and sucked his little thumb so much he caused a sore and a bump on it. Thankfully that has cleared up.
  • Zac enjoys the dogs ~ from a distance. When we are holding him the dogs make him laugh, when he is down on the floor and they come near he is ok, but will only touch Tucker.
  • Bath time is always a huge hit!!! Zac loves to splash around in the bathtub. The only bath toys that interest him are the stacking cups we had in China. Rubber ducks, a swimming turtle, floating fish are left to float around all alone.
  • Zac does not like the feel of grass. When he is first put in the grass he tries to avoid it by spreading his legs WAY out to the side. If that doesn’t work he walks on his heels. It’s too cute!!


  1. He is such a boy :-)
    Love how he scoots around. They do grow up fast - pretty soon, he'll be like my 4 year old, showing you how he does back flips off the diving board... Parenting a boy should come with some safety gear. sigh.

  2. What a joy to see that handsome boy playing on your deck.
    Life is good.

  3. How much he has blossomed! He's just gorgeous!

  4. He is beautiful and I really enjoyed the videos and the update. People don't walk on the grass in China, so maybe that's why he doesn't like it. I love the story of the silk blanket border-my first son had a blanket like that and I had to wait until he was soundly sleeping and then slide it out from under him to wash it. If he woke, he would scream and cry and I'd have to give it back. I also love the thumb sucking description; my little brother sucked his thumb and I think it's just adorable.

  5. What a sweetie! He is doing great :)

  6. What a big boy! It is amazing how fast time flies. He is too cute! Love the Zac Facts. I wish I would have done that too. Record all the funny things he does and the milestones...you will be happy that you did.


  7. Oh what a cutie!! I too love the monthly updates and I love doing them for our sweetie too, which reminds me that we're 14 months tomorrow!

  8. I am sitting here is tears after watching him play ball with his grandparents. It was so WONDERFUL to see him laughing and bring such joy to them. There is nothing better then a little one to keep everyone happy and laughing. My youngest was 14 months when we adopted him from Korea and I so wish there had been blogs back then as I would love to be able to go back and read and see what my 2 were doing at "what" age..I not a baby booker or scrapbooker so my poor boys will get bins of pictures that they can figure out who is who in:)
    I am just so HAPPY for you!! Which is why I have happy tears for you:)

  9. I am so embarrassed... I finally got a package all boxed up for you. We head to the post office tomorrow. It took me so long, here's hoping the clothes still fit.

  10. Love the videos. He's too dang cute.

  11. Looks like he is doing just fine. What a cutey! Love the posts. Blessings.

  12. Wow!!! I've been out of the blogging loop for a long now and just now discovered you have your little polar bear now!!! He is ADORABLE!!! Wow!!!

  13. He is one happy little boy! That is the most precious laugh and I know it melt his Mommy's heart! He is just too cute!!!