June 3, 2010

Short Update

Sorry to be so behind in posting. It has been a long week. A tough week. Zac wasn't sleeping more than four hours at a time. He would be awake for at least two hours each time. During the day we tried to keep him up as long as possible. When he finally did fall back to sleep it would take us some time to then go to sleep. I'm hoping that he is finally switching his clock. Last night he slept for 11 hours straight. I'm hoping he'll do the same tonight, especially since I am sitting at the computer at midnight. I don't have any other time to actually do anything on the computer. I try to read blogs here and there, but that is about all. I'd much rather be playing with Zac.

Each day we are seeing more and more of this little man's personality. His feisty side showed up during dinner the other night. He can get MAD. Usually that only happened when we would take him out of the tub, but now he is showing his dislike for other things also.

I wish I could tell you all about everything, but it's late and I need to get some sleep. I will add some notes to some pictures so hopefully you can get a glimpse into what's going on around here.

This was taken in our hotel room in Guangzhou. We were having a good time laughing and playing, until I took out the camera. All of the China pictures are on the laptop. I tried to burn them to a disk, but it didn't work. Tomorrow I'll try the drive thing, shoot I can't even think of the name of the thing. I better get to bed...

Maemae and Papa blowing bubbles with Zac.

This kid LOVES bubbles!

Zac and Daddy catching up on the sports page.

When we first met Zac he had 'jello' legs. He could pull himself up, but it took some time and he was very shaky. Every day he is getting better and faster at pulling himself up and he is able to stand for longer periods of time. My mother-in-law brought over this walker, and Zac LOVES it. He flies all around the kitchen in this thing!

We have been working on fine motor skills and his feeding skills. I don't think Zac ever fed himself. When I first handed him some food in China he had no clue what to do with it. He can now eat crackers and larger objects on his own. He still can't get small things, like a Cheerio, in his mouth. He will.

Zac LOVES the dogs! I am so thankful! Here he is meeting Tucker for the first time in the house. When he is with the dogs he just laughs! He thinks they are the funniest thing. The dogs, on the other hand seem to pretend he is not here. The sniff and smell, but then they go lay down.

Zac is beginning to smile for the camera. He is teething so the drool is endless, as you can see.

Zac prefers men. He went right to my dad and Ryan's dad. It was the grandmas he had to warm up to before he would let them hold him. He is very leery of strangers, he takes his time to warm up to people.


  1. OMW.. Zac is soooo HANDSOME..
    Look at that smile.
    sounds like you are doing really well.
    thank for the update..
    Have a great evening.

  2. Love the update and great to see more pictures of your handsome little man.

  3. WOW! He's a cutie!!! What a wonderful smile your son has!!!
    Glad you are home and praying for better sleep patterns for your family. Sleep makes everything rosier!! :)


  4. Your little Polar Bear is amazing!!!

    I remember too well the first days back from China... Ouf! difficult but after a few days, everything got back normal to our great happiness ;o)


  5. what a BRILLIANT smile your boy has!! and that photo at the white swan? i have the exact same one of ellis (same spot)!!

  6. Loved the pics with Maemae & Papa. They are having as much fun as Zac. Thanks for sharing your family with us.

  7. What a cutie, sounds like things are progressing well. He will get into a sleep pattern soon enough and you'll soon forget the sleepless nights. Bless ya!

  8. Hey there - great news about 11 hours of sleep - hope that continues. Zac is so beautiful and the pics are great. That last one of Zac and his grampa - priceless.

  9. Somewhere between the second and third week home we finally got a sleep schedule that made everyone happy. So you're almost there :-)

  10. He is so cute..I know I should be saying HANDSOME but he is SOOOO CUTE!!! I look at your pictures and so miss when my boys were this age. I love being a mom of boys!!!
    I am so happy for you:)

  11. He's a cutie. Love the little teeth!

  12. What a doll he is!!!! Both my kids preferred men..Coby still does and Annslee did until about 3 or so. So happy for you guys..ENJOY!!!!

  13. Love, love, love that smile!!!!!

  14. What a wonderful update on how Zac has adjusted and how he's changing every day. Hmmm...I'm more than a week late reading this so he has probably change a lot again already.

    Ahhh...life with babies is wonderful! Blogging/reading happens in the wee hours of the morning (currently 1:30am here) but hey, who wants to blog during the day when there's a baby to play with??