May 29, 2010

We Are HOME!!!

Traveling to China was an amazing journey.
There were some tough days,
but the days spent getting to know our son were priceless.

Both Ryan and I are head over heals for this little man.
Zac is a trooper of a traveler. We are both so proud of him.

We are all tired and having a hard time sleeping,
but I'll be back in a few days with many more pictures and
stories from our trip.

Gosh! It's good to be home...


  1. Welcome home Mommy, Daddy and Zac.
    So happy for you and your family.
    There will be lots of memories to treasure forever and a day.

  2. Sleep and sleep!!! It will take a few weeks but you'll all finally be on US time : )Enjoy that cutie at 2 am when you're all up anyway. Congrats!!!!

  3. Home sweet home! Starting a whole new adventure as a family of three! Can't wait for the pictures! =)

  4. Welcome Home..
    Looks like you had a overall good trip...
    Can't wait to see more pictures..
    Get rested and enjoy your son..

  5. WELCOME HOME!!!!! Enjoy settling in and making beautiful memories!

  6. Welcome home! Looking forward to those pictures!

  7. Welcome home ~ B, W & S

  8. Wonderful update and thanks for the adorable pictures of your handsome guy! Enjoy your weekend together!!