May 8, 2010

The Bathroom Remodel

The second major project in April was the half-bath off of the kitchen. You may remember I mentioned a while back about the carpet the previous owners had put in that bathroom (SHIVER).

Thankfully the carpet is gone!! The purple walls are GONE!!! The ugly (no offense) light fixtures are history!! (Some may not like the lights we chose, and that's ok. We love them.) So without further rambling here is our new half-bath.

When we re-do the kitchen we will change the countertop in here, too.

Beautiful, Glorious easy to clean Tile!!
This makes me happy!


  1. Love the remodel especially the mirror. It's amazing!
    Counting down the days with you. Can't wait.

  2. Love it..
    Great job..
    Happy Mother's Day..

  3. Lovely! Though you won't have Zac in your arms yet, I still hope and wish you a wonderful first Mother's Day.

  4. Uhm, you stole the design from OUR bathroom!

    You are right, the fixtures do look a lot like ours. Needless to say, I think your bathroom looks great :-)

  5. Love the dark fixtures. It's very nice.

  6. Love the colors! And - sorry, I just can't pass this up - does your wall actually read "We hope to find some art in China for this wall"? Because I would totally do that. Heh.

  7. Ooo...very purdy! You did a great job!

    One thought about buying the art in China: If you see something you like, buy it then. I saw something I really liked early on in our trip and almost didn't buy it but am SO thankful I did as we didn't see that type of thing again in our entire trip.

    Happy 1st Mother's Day friend!! Today in your heart. VERY SOON Zac will be in your arms!!!!!

  8. PRETTY!!!

    Happy Mother's Day to you!!! Zac is almost here!

  9. love the paint color and the light fixtures!

  10. Looks great! I did a double take on the "wall writing" as well! Purple walls and carpet? Really? Yikes!