May 4, 2010

The Deck

Since I talked about all the tasks we've been working on around here I thought I would show a few pictures of our completed projects. The first project we finished is the deck. We have needed a new deck for years. It wasn't until the guys were taking down the old deck did we realize just how bad we needed a new deck.

The carpenter couldn't believe that the deck was even standing. The old posts were NOT cemented into the ground, they were only two inches in the dirt. The floor of the old deck was only nailed to the house with a few wood nails. We are so lucky that the deck hadn't fallen when we had a lot of people out there.

The old deck did fall when they were taking it apart. I was upstairs when suddenly I heard a loud "BAM!!" Followed by, "OH! SH!T!!!"

I was too nervous to look, but no one was crying out so I figured all was ok. Later that night Carl, the contractor, told us that they took a nail out of the railing and the post fell. Thankfully no one was standing on the deck.

Now we have a well built, beautiful deck. This baby isn't going any where. We love it!!!

View from the yard.

We extended the cement pad under the deck for the dogs.

The stairs ~ I LOVE that this deck has a gate.
That was the only thing I asked for when we were planning the deck.

Tucker and Bailey - so darn cute!!

View to the right~
We want to look for some outdoor furniture for this end, but we've been a bit busy.

View to the left, but the best view will be...

...when Polar Cub is out there playing!


  1. Okay that last shot is priceless!! I can not wait to see Zac playing away on the deck with the pups playing along side!

  2. oh my gosh - I actually squealed when I saw that last shot!!!
    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (and love the deck)

  3. Like Pug Mama, I really did squeal when I saw the last pic. Love the deck and love Polar Cub on it.

  4. That last picture is the BEST! Love the deck, too ;-)

  5. Love the last picture.. can't wait to see Polar Cub outside with the fur-babies...
    Have a great week..

  6. You are so funny!!! I love seeing the Cub out there playing on his new deck!!! The deck is gorgeous!!! Stacy can you please give me your address? My head is not screwed on straight right now and I cant find it on my desk, I know I had it ....uggggggg

    Love and blessings, Kristy

  7. LOVE IT! How sweet is that little man rockin' away?! Your puppers are darling as well. What a great space to enjoy together!

  8. OMG..I looked at the last one and was like OMG she has him. Then I realized NOPE, not yet but soon:)
    Love the go get your baby so we can see a real picture of him on it!!!

  9. Now that is truly the best shot of all!! :0) Lovely deck and beautiful views!