April 29, 2010


I believe my new favorite number is 6!
This may be WAY out there, but when you line up the dates, who can argue?

Log in Date ~ 4/12/06
Date of Referral ~ 4/06/10
Travel Approval ~ 4/26/10
Zac Day! ~ 5/16/10

Can't argue with the numbers!


  1. That's amazing. I believe you do have a special #6. Don't forget that you have 6 letters in your last name.

  2. Definitely your lucky number! Pretty cool!

  3. Very lucky! I've been sick this week or I already would have mailed your package. Tell you husband to prepare for an orange jersey with a bird on it. Just because I am difficult like that. I did restrain myself to baseball rather than football, however. Because I'm not completely tacky.

  4. i like those numbers!! mostly, i love that they pointed to your little boy.

  5. that's pretty cool! I was so happy to get to visit with you yesterday and I can't wait (2 more weeks) to see your Gotcha Day posted. :0)