April 20, 2010

Care Packages

For a long, long time I have been thinking about what I would send in a care package. I’ve had a small photo album and a small polar bear ready and waiting for YEARS. I remember buying each of them dreaming of the day I could mail them to our polar cub.

As you read this, the care packages are in the mail. Yes, I sent two. I had heard that if you send a package through Ann of Red Threads she can sometimes get updated photos of the baby. I sent Zac a package from Ann with the hope that we may get an updated photo or two.

Unfortunately I received an email from Ann last night stating that she would suggest we not ask for updated pictures. She said that since the pictures we have are from February the orphanage may not appreciate being asked for new pictures so soon. The pictures we have are considered current.

As hard as it is, I do respect their feelings. To me a current picture of our lil' man would be priceless. I also understand that if everyone constantly wanted photos it would be a hardship for the staff. I would much rather think they are spending time with the babies and not running around snapping pictures. I am thankful that Ann will be able to get a package to Zac quickly.

I decided to still send our package, also. I really wanted Zac to have something from us. My mom also sent a little teether for him. Here are a few pictures of the things I sent:

A photo album of pictures including very happy grandparents.

A blanket, sleeper, and polar bear toy (of course)!

Candies for the nannies and socks for babies.
(I wish I would have sent more socks.)

I printed out labels with Zac's name and picture in hopes that he will receive the package.

My mom added the Bug-a-Loop toy! :o)

The package was sent in the mail yesterday. The lady at the post office said it should arrive in China in 10 days. I'm hoping that between the two packages one will make it to Zac. It would be really cool if he got both packages, but I'll be happy if he gets one.


  1. I'm going to hope like crazy that Zac gets both packages. It's feeling more and more real to me. I still love looking at that sweet little face - with a twinkle in his eyes.

  2. We got all of Sugar's stuff back when we got her and it didn't look like any of it was used. I developed the disposable camera and was happy to see that they did use it! (hint: if you sent a camera, develope it or have your guide do it before you fly back from Zac's province so the x-ray machine at the airport doesn't ruin the film.) When we seen her for the first time she went away from us to her back pack and pulled out her photo album we sent her to double check the pictures to see if we looked like the two in the picture! It amazed us!
    This is such an exciting time!!!! Enjoy every second! I journaled the entire trip cause with so much happening I knew I'd never remember when it was all over what day we did what...not only that but I recorded the feeling I was having each day so that one day I can recapture it all in my minds eye. So excited for you!!

  3. Great care package. .
    Looks like you had fun putting the package together.. you are getting close..
    Have a great week..

  4. Lots of goodies! Ellie still looks (and pulls out) the pictures in her Who Loves Baby album! Hope you get a pictures despite everything! =)

  5. Sending care packages is such a wonderful, tangible way to reach out to your beautiful son! It will also be so neat for him to see pics of those who already love him som much!

  6. Great care package; the stickers are perfect so that there will be no mistake getting it to the right child. I know you're happy to have that in the mail! Hope you get an update!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy