April 14, 2010

The Call

For years I have dreamt of what it would be like the day we received the call from our adoption agency about our baby. In all those daydreams the actual scenario that played out Tuesday never once entered my head.

On Monday we knew that our agency had gotten referrals for April 12th and 17th of 2006. For four years I have said that April 12th was our log in date. All day that Monday I worried that maybe we wouldn’t get our referral. Maybe our file was misplaced, or worse.

Big Bear and I scoured the Internet all day for any referral news. The last email I read before going to bed was from a woman in Colorado, K, who is also with our agency. She said in her email that she had news that she has a boy, he was 11 months old, and that was all she knew.

I didn’t sleep very well that night. When I did wake up the first thing I said to Big Bear was, “K has a referral for a boy, we are going to get a girl.”

The morning was crazy. I couldn’t concentrate on anything. I had all sorts of projects started, but would think of something else before finishing any one thing and move on. I think it took three hours and about four tries just to get the dishwasher unloaded.

I was carrying around my cell phone EVERYWHERE. I had listed my cell phone as the first contact number. We knew the agency was going to begin making calls at 10AM Mountain Time. I was going to be dressed and ready to go down to Big Bear’s office the minute we hung up the phone. We wanted to see our baby’s picture together.

My mom had called a couple of times and each time she asked if I had taken a shower yet. I kept thinking I had time. In my little brain I didn’t think we would get the call until one or two in the afternoon ~ at the earliest. The last thing I remember is being on the computer. I gave myself until 12:30 and then I was going to get in the shower.

At 12:19 the home phone rang. The caller ID said it was a private caller. I was going to let it go, thinking it was a salesman. They are usually the only ones who call under private caller. At the last second, I don’t know why, but I answered the call. It was Kim from our agency!!!

She asked if it was me and I said, “Yes! But you’re supposed to call my cell phone.”
Yes! I really did.

Kim asked if Big Bear was with me, and I told her he was at work. She asked if she could call him and get him on the line. I told her that would be perfect. In the meantime I am trying to text Big Bear as quickly as I could to tell him to pick up the phone. It was the agency calling.

Kim finally gets us both on the line and she asks if we are next to a computer. I told her that we were going to see the baby’s picture together, that if she could just give us the information we would see the picture later. Kim was disappointed. She asked us several times to get to the computer, but I really wanted to see the picture with Big Bear. Finally she agreed to go on.

Kim said, “Well, I am looking at the most beautiful little …

In my head I am hearing Kim say girl. I am so nervous and excited that I am practically willing her to say the words. So when she said, …most beautiful little boy…” the ugly cry started. I mean U-G-L-Y cry and I couldn’t stop. I kept apologizing over and over because I couldn’t get it back together. Kim just kept saying it was ok she’d wait.

After a few moments Kim said, “I see you put down either on your paperwork. Is this a good cry?”

“YES!!!” I screeched.

Finally I was able to gather myself enough to listen to what Kim had to say about our baby. I had that fancy call sheet all ready and was trying to fill it out, but I could barely see it through the tears, and my hand was shaking so bad, I just did the best I could. Luckily Big Bear was also taking notes. His notes are on a legal pad all nice and neat in outline form. :o)

Unfortunately I don’t remember much of the phone call. I do have the information on the sheet, but I only remember bits and pieces of the conversation. After we hung up Big Bear called me. I told him that I needed to take shower, but I would be there as fast as I could. We hung up, but I couldn’t move. The ugly cry started again. I could not ~ and still can’t ~ believe how fortunate we are. Even now thinking about it still makes me cry.

Before heading upstairs I had to call Sandra. I just had to tell her the news. We screamed, cried, and laughed like high school girls. It was awesome!!!

Big Bear and I weren’t going to tell our parents until we saw them that evening. I couldn’t wait, I had to call my mom. I found out later that Big Bear called his mom, too. How could we wait? What amazing news!!

I honestly don’t remember getting ready. I think I was on cloud nine, 12, and 15!! On my way out to the car my friend Lynette sent a text. She asked if we had news. I text her back wondering how she knew? She just did! :o) We chatted and cried for a few minutes.

While heading to Big Bear’s office I called my friend MaryEllen. More tears. Thank Heavens for that call, because otherwise I may have gone insane driving all the way to town.

At Big Bear’s office everyone was so excited. I tell you, he couldn’t pull up that picture fast enough. This is what we saw:

I sent a text to my mom to come to the bank. One of the best surprises of all was when my good friend Amy showed up, too. Not long after my phone rang and it was Pug Mama. We had been playing phone tag, but I was finally able to tell her the glorious, amazing news, while she stood in the middle of a zoo! It was amazing to share such a wonderful moment with family and friends.

A few hours later we went to dinner with my parents. The waiter brought a piece of cake with a candle. Look at this very happy proud dad.

What a wonderful, marvelous Day!!!

OH! Remember K who found out the night before she was referred a boy who is 11 months old? Well, it turns out our boys are both in the Nanchang City SWI!!! We will be traveling together!! How Cool!!!


  1. Stacy I am sitting her crying like a baby. I loved reading this . I am also crying because it is finally here for me and Frank. I just cant believe it Stacy. I just want to see her face!!!!

    Love ya bunches, Kristy

  2. Yes, we indeed screamed and cried and giggled. It was the most awesome phone call. Truly, it was.

  3. Sigh...what a great recount! I am so happy for you both!

    Keep smilin!

  4. I LOVED reading this! Tears rolling down with happiness! Laughed at the legal pad comment! =) Very cool that you will travel with K and that your son will always have that connection with a bud! Gonna read the post again now... =)

  5. For some reason I decided to check the computer for something 2 seconds before needing to leave the house to take Lily to school. I saw this, sat down, read the whole thing, started crying like a blubbering fool, got totally distracted, left the house late and then had to come back and comment! Truly it is the best day of your life. I can remember every single detail of Iily's referral day.
    So glad you posted it, I love referral day posts.....sigh.

  6. I am so crying over this post. I am sooo happy for you and just can not wiat till you go get your beautiful son:) You will be a AMAZING mom:)

  7. Such an awesome story. I had to read it twice to make sure I remembered every detail. Yep, life is what happens when you're making other plans.
    What an amazing family you have!

  8. It's a magical kind of day eh? No words can prepare you for that moment.

    Nanchang...you can get lots of travel tips from your gal pals, we've all done time in Nanchang!

  9. I need a tissue I am so happy for you ane your family

  10. What an unforgettable day. I'm so happy for you!

  11. Such a wonderful referral call! I love that your agency got both of you on the phone and made the moment one that was beyond special. LOVE that!! K...I need to go wipe my tears, happy tears! I can't wait for you to travel!!! :)

  12. OK you reeled me in and I ugly cried reading this! LOL LOVE IT!

  13. What a wonderful treat to hear all of the details of this most amazing day! Still over the moon excited for you as your travel date inches ever closer! Wheeee!!!