April 26, 2010

Where is Polar Cub?

Several people have asked where Polar Cub is, so I thought I would do a quick post to show his location.

Polar Cub is in the Jiangxi Province:

The earthquake that hit China on April 14th struck the Qinghai Province. Thankfully it was far west of Zac. That morning several of my students rushed into the classroom to ask if I had heard about the earthquake. I hadn't. One of the girls then said, "But don't worry it isn't where Zac is."

I thought it was so sweet that they cared so much about Polar Cub to make sure the he wasn't affected by the horrible earthquake.

Zac is in the capital City of Nanchang.

Polar Cub is somewhere in this SWI.

I know that I mentioned before what SWI Zac is in, but for some reason I don't want to make that public knowledge any more.

Another tidbit of information:

We have received our TA!! happy dance
When the dates are final I will post more!!


  1. You're going to CHINA!!!! I can't wait to follow along on your amazing trip!

  2. woot woot!!! Can't wait to see/hear the details.!!

  3. Jiangxi will forever hold a special place in your heart. So happy to know he's safe.

    A HUGE congrats on your TA!!

  4. Wow, that was fast!!!
    Get ready cause it goes even faster now!


  5. So excited to see your post today. I just can't wait to follow your journey in China to get Zac. I'm just overloaded with joy for you and Polar Bear. I'm doing the happy dance with you. The SWI building looks amazing.

  6. Suzie's comment has me singing the Kai-lan song "We're going to China! We're going to China! I feel so happy!" YAY for TA! =)

  7. YEA... can't wait to see Zac in your arms....

  8. Visiting from Kristy's blog. Many of your blog posters I have seen around.
    Just wanted to tell you congratulations on your Son!! We did the same exact thing!! Not to mention our son is from the exact same area and province! He was taken to Shangrao SWI in Jiangxi and got him in Nanchang.
    Please feel free to come and visit our blog any time!
    We had been waiting and waiting for a daughter for 4 years when you include all of the paper chase as well. It was such a hard wait. Our log in date was 6/19/06.

    Again I'm so excited for you! Our agency is GW.

    Lesa, momma to two beautiful China babies.

  9. Yippee.........details, we need details so we can start the count down with you.
    That was fast.

  10. OMgooooodness!!!! TA!!!!! I can't wait to see you in Nanchang and holding that beautiful boy of yours!!!

  11. Just wanted to wish you luck on your journey. We travelled to Nanchang 3 years ago for our daughter and had an amazing time. The food there is awesome! I also got a chance to visit your son's SWI and see the baby room, such a wonderful experience. Congratulations, I know you'll have a great time.