April 15, 2010

The Stork!

During the referral phone call Kim told us that we would be getting a Fed3x package the next day. The package would contain Zac’s information, a Letter of Acceptance, some paper work that needed attention, and a couple more pictures. Woot! Woot!

I didn’t go to bed on Tuesday night until after 3AM. I couldn’t sleep, and really didn’t want to. I was too excited, and I was worried that I may wake up and all of this would be a dream. (Crazy ~ I know)

Weeks prior to spring break I made an appointment for Bailey and Tucker to go to the vet on the Wednesday I was off for spring break. I had to have the boys at the vet’s office between 7:30-8:00AM. Also a few weeks before spring break we contracted a guy to rebuild our back deck. The contractor told Big Bear that he would get back to him about a starting day, he had another job to complete first. That was the last we had heard from him, until Wednesday morning.

Even after only a couple hours of sleep I was up at 7:00AM. Ready to tackle the world. The dogs were out back and all of a sudden they started barking like crazy. I looked out and there were two men standing in the driveway. Big Bear went out to see what they were doing. I couldn’t believe it when he came back in to say that they were here to start the deck. TODAY! Normally this would bother me. I am one who usually needs a plan. That day, it was no problem.

I loaded up the boys and took them out to the vet’s office, yes we were late. Once I got home I had a few hours to kill before the anticipated delivery. Unfortunately, the mush brain from Tuesday carried over to Wednesday. I couldn’t really concentrate. I had many things I should be doing, but just couldn’t focus long enough to get too deep into a project. I would like to blame it all on the deconstruction of the old deck, even though that was annoyingly loud, it didn’t bother me.

In all the years I have lived here the Fed3x truck has always run down our road between 11:00AM and 1:00PM. As each hour passed I was getting more nervous. Poor Kaeliegh, she and I walked up and down our street so many times wishing that truck would turn the corner. I was still carrying my phone everywhere, just in case. I took this picture on one of our walks.
A little after 1:00PM K had posted that she received her package. Ok! I wanted ours. K and I had traded phone numbers earlier. She phoned a little after 2:00PM. I really enjoyed talking to her. While we were talking I saw the Fed3x truck drive past the house. I yelled, “It’s the truck!” She understood completely as I quickly hung up and rushed outside.

The truck had passed our house! I went out and took this picture after he turned around:
The driver pulled up to the house and hollered, “Are you waiting for me?”

“Yes!” I shouted, “You’re delivering our baby!” I swore I wouldn’t do anything goofy, silly but I did! I blame lack of sleep and baby brain. OK?!?!

Thankfully he laughed and said, “I am?”

“You’re our stork today,” I told him. Yes, another baby brain comment.

As he got out of the truck he said that means I would have papers that needed to be delivered back. (Obviously he has done this before.) I told him that I did, but that I had to go to my husband’s office to sign the papers first. The driver proceeded to tell me time for the last pick up for the drop boxes in the area. How sweet was that?!?

Before he left I asked him if he would mind if I took his picture for our scrapbook. Meet the stork:
I rushed inside and looked at the pictures of Zachary.

Love! I never ~in my wildest dreams~ thought I would have such deep emotional feelings for a small, adorable little person in the little 3x5 picture. I do.

I called Big Bear. I took a picture of the sweet pictures and text them to Big Bear. I ran and took a shower then headed to the bank.

Once at the bank Big Bear and I thought long and hard before signing the Letter of Acceptance. NOT!!!!
Two hours after the package was dropped off at the house that letter was signed, sealed, and on it’s way back to Colorado!! It only took that long because I had to take a shower before heading down to the bank.

Also in the package was a list of all the things we needed to do and paperwork that needed to be taken care of. That memory I don’t need to remember.

On the way home I stopped and made copies of the pictures that were in the package. A few years ago, when I was having a really, REALLY hard time with the wait, a friend sent me a picture frame. The frame has the word 'believe' on it. This little frame gave me such a boost way back when. I've had the frame sitting on our sofa table since the day I received it. I longed for the day I could put a picture into it.

Wednesday night I finally was able to fulfill that dream:

If you have stuck through and read all of the last two posts, thank you! These posts were mainly for me. I NEVER, EVER want to forget April 6th and 7th of 2010. Two days that have truly changed my life forever.


  1. It's wonderful to hear all your memories of the days. So special. Now you have him in a frame in your house, does he really feel yours?? I think that would make it more real for me.

    Best of luck


  2. LOVE it. The lasts few posts have brought more tears for me, but all in a very good way :-)

  3. The last 2 posts are like novels I don't want to put down. Ahhhhhhh, just love reading them.
    Isn't it amazing the love you feel for one little human being that you've seen for the first time? A little bundle that doesn't do anything but look back at you. Oh, the power of that love is amazing. The best part is that it gets stronger every day. Can you even imagine that? Get ready Mommy!

  4. Stuck through and read them....are you crazy? I loved every second and yet again I am bawling like a baby!
    ahh, such happy happy times.
    Hope the TA comes super fast.

  5. Your son is so beautiful! :)

    And am so happy for you. You are a family of 3! That is really amazing! :)

    All the best from a future adoption mom in Finland

  6. I am soo loving reading this:) I have happy tears for you on both of these!!
    Now you just need that TA to get here FAST so you can get get your baby boy!!! (more happy tears:)

  7. <3 it!

    I really chuckled over the, "Meet our Stork" Funny I tell ya!

    I had goose bumps reading it and it took me right back to where I was one year ago. Nobody can possibly prepare you for the emotions you will have on that day. Just hang on though, cause it only gets better!

  8. Love these two posts.. and they are the best..
    when you wait for sooo long these are big deals..

  9. Okay...now I'm really crying. :)

  10. So now I'm crying, especially over Zac's picture in the believe frame... how fitting!
    Congrats again on your beautiful son.

  11. Beautiful story; so wonderful to have he happiness of being a Mommy now!

    Alyzabeh's Mommy

  12. finally the whole story (loved both)!! you crack me up with your mom brain stuff. i could kick myself i forgot to take a pic of our FedX guy. he was ADORABLE too~!!

  13. I have just LOVED the last two posts! :) Definitely two days that will be in your heart forever and ever!! I just love those pictures of your boy...YOUR boy!!

  14. LOL! You are making me giggle. I love the Fed Ex story. I swear, I think I said the same exact sentences to the DHL guy when he delivered Briana's info. I love it!!!

  15. It's been over two years since my daughter's referral came and I still got the same chills and tears reading your entries. It's even more exciting to think of the wonders of the times unfolding ahead of you. Enjoy them all - they pass by much too quickly. Bless you on the end of your journey. Sherry McCormick (Jenny's mom, Abby's meema on Waiting4abby.

  16. Goosebumps reading these posts! How wonderful to capture all the details for later. So precious!

    Believe you did....and your son's picture is now in the frame. Wheee!!!