April 11, 2010

What A Spring Break!!!!!!

This has been the most exhilarating, exhausting, memorable, awesomely fantastic spring breaks I've ever had. A week crazy with appointments and deadlines. Time spent dumbstruck by all that has happened. Celebrating with friends and family both around the country and close to home. A week spending hours starring at a picture of a tiny, beautiful boy. The week that we saw our son for the very first time. A week that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Monday ~

I had several errands to run on Monday. I had to take the car to the dealer for some routine maintenance. I stopped in at the eye doctor to get my glasses fixed, just run of the mill errands that I don’t have time for when I am in school. I also began to plaster holes and tape off the small bathroom so I could paint it on Tuesday.

I can’t remember when exactly I heard the news, but it was some time in the morning, that Rumor Queen had posted that referrals were coming. While sitting at the car dealer I received an email that referrals were indeed coming. Then someone from my April LID Yahoo group posted that our agency had new information on their web site that referrals were in and they would begin making calls on Tuesday.

Big Bear and I looked for any tidbit of information all day. The only thing I learned right before going to bed was that our agency would begin making calls at 10am Mountain time, that was noon our time.


I carried my cell phone around with me, EVERY where, beginning at 10am our time ~ just in case. The plan was that we would get the call and then I would go to Big Bear’s office to see the picture. I figured the call would come anywhere from 1:00 – 2:00 our time. I had heard they make calls alphabetically, so I didn’t think it would be too early.

Nothing happened like I had planned. The call came to the house phone, NOT my cell phone. The call came at 12:19pm., NOT later like I had thought…

I am going to write a post about the call later this week. I want to get it all down, so I don’t forget anything.

That evening when Big Bear and I got home from visiting family there was a huge pile of lumber in the driveway. The week before last we had contracted a guy to redo our deck, but we he had never given a starting date. He had to finish another job first and then he would get back with us.

I guess the contractor was getting ready to start the deck.


At 7:30am the dogs started barking like crazy. I look out and there are two men standing in the drivewaylooking at the lumber. Big Bear goes out and we discover that they are going to start the deck, TODAY!

OK. No stress.

I had to get the big dogs down to the vet’s office by 8:00AM for their annual check-up. Needless to say I was late.

Usually in the summer when I am off of school I see the FedEx truck run down our street between 11:00 – 12:00pm. every day. On Wednesday the FedEx truck was delivering the paper work from our agency with Zachary’s information. I tracked that package until 3AM. the night before. I knew when it landed in Memphis, TN. I saw when it hit the distribution center in Huntington, WV. When it hit the truck for delivery I knew it!

Of course, that truck didn’t drive down our street until 2:30pm. I was a nervous wreck.

The rest of this story is coming in another post, because I don’t want to forget this afternoon either.


The deck guys show up again at 7:30AM.

I had a doctor’s appointment, which turned out to be a good thing because I was able to get my prescriptions for antibiotics to take to China. Then I met my mother-in-law for an early lunch. After lunch I we walked around the mall and did a little shopping. Soon my mom and Big Bear joined us. It was fun to shop in the little boy section. The only trouble was trying to figure out what size to buy.


Crazy Day!

A couple of weeks ago we had ordered a new TV and dishwasher and set delivery for when I would be home on spring break. So not only did I have the deck carpenters here, there were also Best Buy guys, along with my three dogs who had had just about all they could take of all the strange men coming and going all week.

I couldn’t concentrate longer than five minutes on any one thing. The bathroom that I had started on Monday had not been touched all week. Then Friday afternoon Big Bear tells me that we need to get the bathroom painted because they want to lay the tile on Monday. WHAT?!?!

I didn't paint the bathroom in the morning because I was waiting and dealing with the deliveries. I couldn’t paint Friday afternoon because I had an appointment with a pediatrician. By mid-afternoon my stress level had hit an all time high. Our house is so dirty. I think all of the banging from the deck tear-down and rebuilding has loosened all the dust in the rafters and it has coated my house.

We have a TV stand in the middle of the family room that needs to be put together. The Geek Squad isn’t coming until next Friday to hook up the ‘sound system’ and components to the new TV so we have a mess there.

The new dishwasher installer can’t come until April 20th. So the new dishwasher is in the hole, but not all of the way in, and I can only use one side of the sink until they come and fix it.

The toilet from the bathroom is now sitting on pallets in my dining room. I KNOW ~ don’t go there. I’m trying to not think about it. The hall to the bathroom is littered with paint supplies and tools. I want my house back!!


Big Bear and I had plans with friends, but before that we had several errands we had to run. One of which, was to pick out new tile for the bathroom. Needless to say we couldn’t stay home and get the jobs done. Big Bear did manage to get the first coat of paint on the bathroom before we left. Thankfully!

We had a really fun evening with friends and saw the movie Date Night. It was a good movie. (I only took out my phone once to look at Zac's picture during the movie.)


Between a golf outing and birthday party we managed to get the second coat on the bathroom. I can honestly say, the only saving grace to my sanity this week has been the moments that I stop and take a look at our baby’s picture. He makes it all worth it!!


  1. I'm still giggling over the toilet.

    You've got a lot going on up there for sure! Nobody can prepare you for the whirlwind of excitement that follows that phone call. It's a crazy, bliss filled time!

    Zac is to handsome to not look at!

  2. Sorry, but I couldn't help chuckling at your post. Wouldn't you know everything would come in the same week. It's so typical, isn't it? I just loved reading the details about getting the call and can't wait to read more.
    Enjoy your time back at school this week.
    I think about you everyday.
    (I just love looking at Zachary too.)

  3. SOunds like a fun filled exciting weekend..Have a great week..
    your house will be back in order soon...

  4. A crazy week indeed and trust me...it gets crazier the closer you get to leaving. But it is ALL good!

    Keep smilin!

  5. Wow!! That WAS a week!! Can't believe all you accomplished along with the most important little man entering your life!!

    If you get any idea of height and weight I'd be happt to let you know how it compares to Hannah re: clothing sizes.

    Wheee....You're a MOM!!!

  6. A FABULOUS week!!! I can't wait to see your post with your BOY on the wall in your classroom!!!! Have SO much fun tomorrow!! I can just see you now...grinning for the rest of the school year!

  7. how i LOVE reading the excitement in your tone with this post!!!

    busy week- get used to it MOMMY!! :O)

  8. LOL! Referral day is never how you expect it to be! It is always different - wonderful and amazing - but different than you imagine! You had one crazy, exciting week! Isn't it amazing how much you can fall in love with a few pictures? Melts my heart. :)

  9. I can't even believe you were in the midst of all that during the most special moment of yours & Big Bears life!!!

    Can't wait to read the posts that will come out of that week!!