May 19, 2010

Hello From Nanchang!

We are officially Zachary’s parents. It has been an exhausting few days. I’ll try to give a quick recap of the last few days. I know most everyone just wants pictures so I have a few of those to add in as well.

Sunday ~ Zac Day!
What a wild day Sunday was! We flew from Hong Kong to Nanchang. When we were on the bus we were told that the babies would be coming to the hotel at 5:00PM. We were also told that we had to have a group meeting at 3:00PM.

That sure didn’t leave a lot of time. By the time we got to the hotel we had just enough time to go up to our room use the facilities and then get back down to the meeting. The meeting lasted until about 4:45. We only had enough time to get up to the room, grab the camera and cheerios, and get back downstairs.

When Ryan and I turned the corner to the meeting room we saw babies! Almost instantly we saw Zac. (He wasn’t hard to pick out.) During the meeting we were told what order we would receive the babies ~ Ryan and I were last. Well, suddenly that changed. When we walked in the room we were told to get ready. Everything happened so fast I don’t remember much. I do remember someone asking for our passports. I do remember Zac coming through the door in his nanny’s arms. I do remember someone saying “take him, take your baby.” I didn’t want to just tear him from the nanny. He was already so upset, but that is what I did.

Poor little guy cried and cried. Then Ryan took him and Zac settled a little bit. We walked away from the crowd to sit down. Zac didn’t care for me too much, but he would let me feed him Cheerios. I thought that would be hard for me, but it wasn’t. I am so thankful that Ryan was able to calm him. I love watching the two of them together.

Ryan and I snuck out of the crazy, noisy room a few minutes later. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see many of the others get their babies, but the more crying that went on the more stressed Zac seemed to get. We thought it best to get him to a quiet room. Once upstairs we made Zac a bottle. I was thankful he drank the entire bottle. He was out after that.

One of us had to get downstairs to complete some paperwork. It was obvious that Ryan should stay in the room. Zac fell asleep right before I had to leave, and even though they had asked for the ‘daddies’ to come down we both thought that if Zac woke up Ryan should be the one in the room.

After the paperwork was finished we all crashed.

Monday ~ Civil Affairs Office and Notary
We all had to be up, dressed, fed, and on the bus by 8:00AM the next day. Thankfully Ryan and I had a pretty good night sleep. Of course every time Zac moved a muscle or sneezed we were both peeking over the crib. He slept really well the first night. I think all the crying wore him out.

It is at the Civil Affairs office where we officially become Zachary’s parents. First we went in and took our first family picture. To be honest it isn’t too bad. I wish I could get a copy. We also had to have Zac’s picture taken for his passport. Then we met with an official who asked us several questions. Once we finished in her office Zac was all ours! I don’t know if they realize, but he was all ours the second they put him in my arms. I’m just saying…

The officials moved things along quickly. It didn’t seem like a terrible, horrible wait –BUT- what was terrible and horrible was the heat and humidity! Oh! Dear Lord!!! Everyone was dripping wet with sweat! They didn’t have the air conditioning on in the office. We were miserable. Ryan got so exhausted wallering around with Zac he asked me to hold him for a while. The interesting thing is, that once I held him for a few minutes he fell asleep. Thank heavens for the Ergo. There is no way I could have held him while he slept and stood in that line. He is just too heavy.

The last thing we did at the Civil Affairs office was meet with the SWI director. She was a very nice woman and she seemed to care for the babies. She said that Min Yang was very much loved. He was a favorite. I don’t doubt it. We learned a few other things, but that is for Min Yang in the future.

After the Civil Affairs office we had to go to the notary. Again we were asked some questions. We also had to promise to never abandon or abuse our son. After we did the notary official said, “You must be very lucky, only special people get boys.” That statement made me smile. I told him that we are very lucky to get such a special boy.

We were back to the hotel by 1:00. Later that afternoon we went to Wal-Mart. What an experience. That’s really about all I can say.

Tuesday ~ Rest Day!
Our agency did have a doctor come to the hotel in the morning. I was so thankful when I heard they were going to do that. I had a question about his belly button that looked so dark and about his eye that seemed to tear quite a bit.

The doctor seemed thorough. We were told that Zac has an ear infection and a sore throat. I was shocked. He never once acted like either bothered him. The eye is from the same ear and throat problem. He prescribed antibiotics and cough medicine for Zac. I was so grateful. Our guides had the meds filled and brought them to our room later that afternoon.

As for the bellybutton ~ in Nanchang they do not believe in washing the bellybutton until the child is three years old. It is thought that the baby will catch colds if they clean the belly button. Even though I have washed his bellybutton I think a years worth of dirt may take some time to get out. I did think that custom was quite interesting.

We had a group dinner on Tuesday night. It was a dim sum dinner here at the hotel. It was nice. After the meal our guides brought out a birthday cake. They wanted to celebrate all the babies’ new lives they will have with us. That was so sweet!

Wednesday ~ Pavilion Park
The group is going to Pavilion Park today. I didn’t take Zac. I didn’t want to take him out in the rain and humidity since he is sick. I want his ears to heal before we fly to Guangzhou on Friday. Ryan went on the tour. Zac is sleeping now that is why I have had time to write this novel. If you read it all ~ Wow! Thank you!! I really wanted to get at least the highlights down so I don’t forget.

I must say I feel so very fortunate to have this little boy in our lives. He is amazing. By the way, he has taken to me. I can now carry and hold him. We play and he giggles. What is interesting to me is when we are out of the room he still doesn’t talk much or giggle at all, he just watches. In the room with us he babbles up a storm and giggles like crazy.

Today he is coming out of his shell a little more. I think once he feels good we will see more and more of our little man.


  1. I am so happy to read this update and see pictures!!!! It sounds like all is going very well and I am so glad. Keep those pictures coming ;-)

  2. I'm so glad to hear that your little man is warming up to you. He is precious!!! Enjoy your time in China with your son!

  3. It was a joy to read your "novel"! He's beautiful! Such a big bonny boy! You are so very lucky.

  4. Loved reading your novel, also. Every bit of information makes it all more real to me. Beautiful mama, beautiful papa, beautiful son.

  5. Loved catching up on your posts today. So glad things are going well and Zac is warming up to you too. Hope the meds kick in quickly and he is feeling better soon. I have to say, we never know when Maddy's ears hurt either. She's had 5 ear infections in the last 7 months with 3 spontaneous ruptures and we NEVER had a clue. :0(
    Looking forward to more posts when you can. I know how busy you are over there.

  6. Love love love....

    every single word exudes happiness... I am so thrilled to finally see you as a Mommy... perfection.


  7. Great update and glad things are going well for you all. He is just so sweet! Many Many Congrats!!

  8. SO loved reading about your first days together!! it's a whirlwind, isn't it? your little guy is amazing!

  9. Oh am I supposed to comment? Well how can I when I am mesmerized by photos of your FAMILY!!! OH my gosh it is so fabulous to see you all together.
    Hope Zachary feels better soon.

  10. He is adorable. Looking at his picture with both of you just makes me smile (through the happy tears:) I am so glad he is doing well with both of you.
    Hope he is feeling better soon!

  11. So glad to read an update and hear how well things are going with your amazing Zac! Hopefully his little ears heal up quickly before you fly...antibiotics do wonders in a very short amount of time.

    I am so verrrrry happy for you!!! You're a precious family of 3 and learning how to weave and jive together already. Neat!

    Interesting about the bellybutton. I think Hunan might have been similar as Hannah's was quite dirty too but I didn't think to ask why. Thanks for clearing this up for me.

    Love you friend! SO happy for you!

  12. so precious! hope he's feeling better now that he's on meds!

  13. Love reading all about your experiences! So happy for you!!!

    O's bellybutton was exactly the same, it took many months for it to really come clean. And - she never complains when she gets ear infections even now that she is 3.5.

  14. Great posts! Those lips, those eyes! Total heartbreaker! =) Hope Z feels better very quickly. You are amazing for understanding the transition process. You are doing great! Yes, a very special family indeed for that cutie pie!

  15. Oh so happy to read that things are going as well as they are. Special boy with special parents - all are lucky! Glad you had a thorough doctor and am hopeful Z will be on them mend soon.

  16. I love hearing your updates! It brings me back to when I was in China - sigh. Love the pictures too! Your boy is soooo sweet!

  17. He's the perfect fit. So very happy that he's finally with mommy and daddy. :)

  18. So exciting to catch up as I have been away for a few days a big congrats!

  19. Congrats what a cutie pie. I hope he starts feeling better really soon. That is interesting about the belly button. That must be why it has taken 2 years to get 2 years of dirt out of Annalise's.

    Have a great time on the next leg of your jouney. Enjoy every minute it goes fast.

  20. I love that first family picture. I'm sure you still look at your amazing son and still pinch yourself to make sure it's all real!

    Much love...

  21. Hoping you are all adjusting well and loving every second of every day. Is Zac feeling better?

    Can hardly wait for the next update...hint hint, but no pressure cos we understand your priorities.

  22. Hope Zac is feeling better and you guys are continuing to enjoy every moment! Love all those sweet pictures of you two with your cub! THE BEST!!!!

  23. I know I'm SOOOO late getting here to post, but I just had to say how incredibly beautiful you look standing there with your son :) I mean, you were a looker before but c'mon, look at that eye candy of a baby boy you've got goin' on now ;)

    Love these pics, love to hear that things are going well, and....



  24. Worried about not seeing any updates. Is everything OK????

  25. Oh, Stacy! This blog has made my heart sing with happiness for you and Ryan! Zachary has no idea what great parents he has. He is so beautiful and looks like a happy little man! I know your hearts are overflowing as you thank God for this undescribable blessing! Love and prayers to the three of you!