October 29, 2010

Trick or Treat

Last night was trick or treat in our neck of the woods.  Yes! Yes!!  I know it wasn't Halloween.  Around here trick or treat is rarely on Halloween night.  It is a tradition that I am still not used to.  Trick or treat can't happen on Wednesday because of church, Friday because of football, or Sunday because of church.  Therefore if Halloween falls on any of those days we trick or treat on a different day, usually on Thursday.

Unfortunately, Nugget didn't get to venture out for his first trick or treat.  We weren't planning on taking him to many houses, only a few of our friends here on our street.  We didn't go, because Nugget was running a fever and had a cough.

It didn't bother Nugget at all!  In fact he enjoyed passing out candy ~ probably more than he would have had we taken him trick or treating.

Nugget and I had to mix all of the candy.  (We have a LOT of trick or treaters!)

In the beginning Nugget watched from a distance while Daddy passed out candy.

Soon Nugget was watching a little closer.
Then he and Daddy seemed to have a conversation...

I think Nugget was telling Daddy he wanted to escape.
The night was getting colder, so on went the hood.

Before long Nugget wanted to help pass out the candy!
I'm glad Nugget enjoyed passing out candy!


  1. Poor Nugget! Sorry to hear he has a fever and isn't feeling well. Never fun.

    He sure did great handing out candies though and looked so sweet in his little brown hoody.

    Fevers on and off her too and tonight I found out she has an ear infection so she's on antibiotics.

    Poor sweeties....sure is yucky when they\re sick!

  2. WOW..that is a lot of candy!!! I think it is so sad that Halloween can not be on HALLOWEEN. They have changed ours in the past but this year it is on the actual day and I am happy.
    I hope your adorable little boy is feeling better. Nothing worse then a sick baby!
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Hope he is feeling better soon!! Still fun times were had I am sure. Happy Halloween!!!

    Keep smilin!

  4. Sorry your little nugget wasn't feeling hot enough to do some tricking and treating but he sure looked like he was having fun handing out that candy! Our little cricket would love to do that if only we got a single tricker treater! Happy Halloween to you guys! :)