February 4, 2011

In An Instant

It is mind-boggeling how in an instant a typical day can change.  One minute everything is normal and the day is flowing then:

  • in an instant the phone rings and what you hear stops your heart.
  • in an instant while trying to think what to do first the room starts spinning and the mind goes blank.
  • in an instant teaching is secondary and getting to my baby is all that matters.
  • in an instant a total feeling of helplessness envelops you when the only thing you want is to make it better.

I will never forget answering the phone and hearing Bear say, "Can you get someone to cover for you?  Nugget is hurt and they are taking him to the hospital."

As quickly as I could I had my class covered and I was out the door.  All I knew was that Nugget had cut his hand.  The school where I work is close to the hospital so I was the first one there.   Bear was there two minutes after that and we waited for Nugget.

We saw him getting out of the car, and I was amazed he wasn't crying.  I was also shocked by the amount of blood.   I kept telling myself that finger cuts bleed heavily.

Thankfully we didn't have to wait long to be taken back to see a doctor.  The ER doctor was concerned and wanted a plastic surgeon to come and look at the wound.  It was quickly determined that Nugget's cut was deep and he would need surgery.

Waiting for the doctor
There were some concerns about the cold that Nugget had, and the fact that he had eaten lunch about 1:30.  Bear and I thought the surgeons would wait at least eight hours before taking Nugget into surgery.  They didn't.  It was decided that they would pump his stomach before intubating him.  Yes, it was horrible hearing what they were going to do to my baby.

The anesthesiologist wanted to give Nugget some 'happy' juice to calm him down so they could put in and IV before taking him into the operating room.   After the first round of 'happy' juice Nugget was still fighting when the nurse tried to put in the IV.   Long story short ~  eventually two anesthesiologists and four nurses where all holding Nugget down trying to put in the IV.   They gave Nugget 12 mg of the happy juice and he was still fighting.  We later learned that most babies his age get 1 mg of the happy juice and adults get 2 mg of the juice and it usually makes people so loopy they don't care what the doctors do.  Not my boy!  As long as they weren't trying to poke him he was a happy camper!  It was like he was drunk.  He would giggle at the oddest things.  He kept hitting one nurse with a little stuffed animal and he'd laugh.
I knew Nugget was out of it because he usually never lets a
stranger hold him.
As soon as they would pin Nugget down he would start fighting again.  Finally the doctor picked Nugget up and carried him into the operating room.  He said they were going to have to gas him and then try to put in the IV.  The nurse told us that Dr. S was quite impressed with our boy.  They said he has never carried a baby back himself.  That's when I knew they were really going to take care of Nugget.

Nugget was in surgery for about two and a half hours.  Thankfully we were able to take him home not too long after that.  I don't know how many stitches he has, but I think there are quite a few.    I do know that, thankfully, no tendons or nerves were cut.  The gash did cut all the muscles at the base of his thumb and it went clear down to the bone.  (deep breath)  We go see the doctor in a week for the first check up.  Nugget will have to wait three weeks before the stitches are taken out.  The doctor said he will more than likely have to put Nugget under anesthesia when they take out the stitches.  I'm not looking forward to that.

The waiting while Nugget was in surgery was hard.  The most difficult moments, though, were when he was crying out for help and there was nothing I could do to help him.  I would like to think that those moments will never happen again, but I am not quite that naive. I want to put this little boy of mine in a bubble and keep him there where he will be safe forever.

Less than 24 hours later Nugget was playing as if nothing was wrong.  He gets a little irritated with the bandage, but he is overcoming that remarkably well.   I have a feeling that Bear and I are going to have to brace ourselves for the next 18-20 years.  This little man of ours is going to take us for interesting ride as he grows up ~ I have no doubt.


  1. Oh my goodness! You poor, poor thing. I feel so much for all of you having just gone through surgery with Pea (for something much less traumatic). What I know is that kids are amazingly resilient and he will bounce back super-quickly. Big hugs to you, Mama. I know the feeling of wanting to take it all away and trade places.

  2. Like I told you on the phone, I am so glad that things are okay now, but I also know how scared and worried you must have been. Seeing your baby hurt is the worst thing in the world. Big hugs to you both.

  3. Oh my gosh, so scary having your child hurt. So glad that everything now is okay and I hope that heals well and quickly.

  4. Oh my word!! SO sorry to hear that this happened to your sweet Nugget and that you all had to go through this.

    ((hugs)) dear friend. Praying for quick healing and no lasting damage.

    love you xoxo

  5. That is so, so scary!! I'm so sorry. Thinking of all of you and praying Nugget heals very quickly.

  6. Oh momma! I am SO glad your boy is okay...SOOOO glad! I can not imagine your emotions during those 2+ hours! Hugs and more hugs to you and papa bear! Nugget...Hope you're hand feels better SOON!!!

  7. I have had one of those phone calls and understand the overwhelming fear that it brings. Glad the worst is over and the healing has begun. Nugget will come out of this just fine. Little ones heal so quickly.

  8. I'm so sorry to hear this happened. I know it had to be terrifying for you. Very glad that his hand will heal and the damage wasn't worse. So scary.

  9. Oh my lands, how terrifying was that! I am SO glad that all is well (minus the bandage). And of course the doctor fell in love with your little guy. Everyone does.

  10. Oh Yikes! I am so sorry to hear this...it's terrifying. But I am so glad to hear all will be okay. Poor little dude...and poor mom and dad. Sorry you had that scare.

  11. OMGosh..I am so glad he is doing well. Don't we all wish parenthood would leave out the scary!!!
    What did he cut his hand on?

  12. I'm sorry your little guy got hurt, I know it it the worst thing in the world when they are hurting, and there's nothing you can do to help them. I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time, with him all loopy, or drunk as you say, but looking back it must have been a sight!
    Hope he feels better soon!

  13. Oh no. Poor little man. Poor MAMA & PAPA!! No one needs to go through that. I hope that his wound heals quickly and his hand is 100%. Poor little dude. Saying a prayer for you all!

  14. Oh my word... what happened? Did he fall at school? Glad to hear no tendons or nerves were injured! Whew.. what a rollercoaster that was for you that day.

    BTW.. the "happy" juice... doesn't work well on me either! (or Maddy)

  15. i was LITERALLY holding my breath and on the VERGE of tears reading this. i cannot even imagine what this was like. scratch that. yes, i can. i can imagine it. it's my worst nightmare. everytime my phone rings and it's her school my heart goes in my throat.

    so glad he is through the worst of it S. hugs to him and TO YOU and your hubby!!

  16. Hope Nugget is doing ok. Thinking of you!


  17. I am catching up...HUGE hugs!! It is so hard (sometimes harder on us then them) to see our little ones in need.

    Having gone thru a similar time with Little D (boiling water for us) I can empathise and offer you only my virtual hugs. Cause for me, no words could comfort me as much as seeing my little one heal and get better and see her being so strong and resilient.

    Keep smilin!