January 30, 2011


It's hard to believe that it is already the end of January.  The month has gone unusually fast.  Time seems to be going unusually fast lately.  Time going this fast only happened when on vacation, not during every day life.  That either means that I am getting old - because they say the older you get the faster time flies, or it means that life is good ~ I'll go with the second option.

I have not worked a full five day week since before Christmas.  We have had so many snow days I'm afraid I'll be going to school until July.  On the upside of that is I love, Love, LOVE having the days home with Nugget.  He is so much fun to be with.

Being Nugget's mom is my favorite thing in the entire world.  I have never felt more content and happy in my life.  Yes, there are days that I'm frazzled, tired, and crazy; but at the end of the day when I'm sitting in the chair giving him his bottle and he grabs my nose, pats my chest, or plays with my fingers all the 'crazy' is gone and pure bliss fills my heart.  Life is Good!

Enough sappy stuff.  I know most people stop by for pictures so here are a few from the last couple of weeks.
Nugget LOVES his wagon!

The bucket of the wagon is multi-fuctional!  :o)
Nugget loves to stand at the counter when we're cooking.
We now put a stool there for him to stand on.

T- Basketball anyone?

LOVE that smile!

The next three pictures got me.  I can't believe how much my baby is starting to look like a little boy.  He is losing his baby features.  I'm not ready!!

This weekend we have had some beautiful weather.  This afternoon we took advantage to get out into the warm sunshine and we took our first family walk of 2011.  Nugget has crawled into the walking stroller several times the last couple of months, but there has been too much snow to go out walking.  He was so excited to go this morning!
I didn't notice the measuring cup in the shot.
Nugget used to play with it while we walked last summer. 


  1. Completely adorable! Sigh. I love the pictures and the sweet face of your beautiful boy. I agree that time is flying by because life is good.
    I also agree that there are days that feel as though bed time will never come soon enough. Luckily, those days never trump the happy days.

  2. Amazing how quickly they grow up on us, especially considering that we don't age that quickly (hahaha) Cute piccies and fun that you are getting to spend so much time together with all your snow days.

  3. I told you that they grow up WAY too fast! Love the pictures.

  4. I LOVE the pure joy that comes through in this post!!

    He is getting to be a big boy far to fast... PLEASE make it stop.

    I also have not had a full week of school since early December... And with this next impending storm on Tuesday, I don't foresee one anytime soon. But I'm not complaining mind you... I too have loved the days at home for a variety of different reasons, which include finishing unpacking this house!! We thankfully don't add to the end of the year, but my vacation days are slowly dwindling away... oh well, not much I can do about that!

    Enjoy every moment.... miss you

  5. Awesome!!! Nugget is so super-cute!

  6. How is it possible that time can fly so quickly?? How can it be that our 'babies' are narrowing in on 2?? When I wake up tomorrow morning I'll realize that my sweet baby will be 2 this month! How did that happen...and how do we slow it down?

    Such great pics of your sweet little boy. I love that he likes to climb too. Hannah's latest perch is the top of her ball popper. How she manages it I'll never know but it does make her taller. How fun that Nugget has figured out that the bucket of his wagon comes out and voila...taller!

    Great pics of getting ready for a walk. Ah, hopefully spring is not too far off.

  7. I too can't believe we're at the end of January! Nugget is absolutely adorable! He reminds me so much of my Jacob at that age....so verrrry much boy! I have to agree with you that being a mommy is the BEST!!!!!

  8. I can tell how much you love that sweet boy of yours! I'm glad you gotten some days home with your little guy!

  9. Beautiful, beautiful boy.
    How can you not love that face?
    I agree he is loosing that baby look and looking more like a little boy.

  10. Ahhh..nothing quite like it. I hear you.

    He IS starting to look like a little boy so fast. It's amazing how fast the baby days zoom by.