January 8, 2011

Party in the Crib

After reading about so many struggles that some have with sleep issues, I really hate to complain about our issue. Really it isn’t terrible, BUT I sure would like to sleep all night long once in a while.

Thankfully we are not woken by screams of terror or bad dreams. Over the monitor each night we hear giggles, coos, chatting, and once in a while his very own baby songs. Nugget wakes up, usually between 1:30-2:30 every night and has a party in the crib! I will lay and listen to him and I can’t help but laugh at times. He is having a blast in there. He lays in there and will chatter through his limited vocabulary. One minute it will be quiet and then you hear: mama, uuupp, Papa, Daaadeee, Ho Ho, and then he starts all over again with his words.

After a few minutes I will go in and he is so happy! Sometimes Nugget jumps into my arms. Other times he will bounce around and throw his blankets up in the air while falling on his mattress. He just giggles and laughs. He plays peek-a-boo. It is so hard to get irritated when he is in such a happy mood.

Eventually he asks to be held and we snuggle. This is my favorite time of the day night when all is quiet and we cuddle. This past Christmas Nugget fell in love with the song Up On the House Top. While I am holding him he will say, “Ho Ho” which means he wants me to sing the song. I try to ignore it, but then he will pat my shoulder, “Mama - Ho Ho”. If I still don’t sing the song he will start to cry until I sing. I have sung that blasted song more times than I care to count. One night I sang it six times, all three verses, before I could put him back to bed.

Right now the song Up On the House Top is a comfort to him. We had issues last night with our fire alarm and it really scared Nugget. Once he stopped crying he asked for “Ho Ho”. When we get in the car after I pick him up from day care he wants to hear the song ~ all of the way home. I am ready for ‘Ho Ho’ to go on vacation!

Tangent over ~ back to the late night parties. The party will last any where from one to three hours. I am so thankful for the nights when Nugget falls to sleep soon after I leave the room. Sometimes he will tease. All will be quiet in the room after I leave, and then all of a sudden the party starts again.

Bear and I have discussed putting him to bed later. Right now we start the bath routine about 7:00 and Nugget is in bed by 8:00pm. When he goes down he is beat! I don’t think Nugget could stay up any later. For now I guess the parties will continue. At least I’ll get in some quiet snuggles during the early morning hours, which are priceless, even if I do have to sing “Ho Ho”.


  1. Great post! While you are singing Ho Ho.. you can think of me singing Rudolf. Last year we sang Rudolf until it was almost May. I finally told Maddy once and for all the Christmas was OVER and we needed to move on to something different. She latched on to a christian song we sing in church and we would sing that everytime we were in the car, going to bed etc. UNTIL.. Christmas tunes came back. Go figure that Rudolf is still her favorite.. LOL
    As much as it sucks to be up in the middle of the night having crib parties... enjoy the moments as much as you can. (actually, sounds like you already are!)

  2. Hehe...I'm with Robin. There is a lot of "Rudolph" going on around here...for obvious reasons.

    Oh, how I remember the first time I was awakened at 3am hearing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" being shouted...err sung. It was priceless and always will be. We, too, are fortunate to only have rare instances of bad dreams/hard nights. C is still in bed by 8-8:30 and makes it through to 7:30 A most nights. Thank the stars. Now, if only I could get my parents through a night quietly ;0)

    Miss you and we MUST get something on the calendar SOON. I told Ms. Buckeyes and Eggrolls the same thing :0) I look forward to seeing your beautiful boy.

  3. You know that I know that an interrupted sleep cycle is so hard - even when there is a party going on ;-)

    I remember singing You are my sunshine over and over and over and over to Tahlia.... You do what you have to do!

  4. It's so tough to miss sleep even when it is for a party.

    It's fun (for a while ;o) to see what songs they latch on to. Hannah likes one for a while and then switches and then rarely goes back to the first one. If I try is a week or month later it's met with a resounding NOOOO! and a hint to sing the current fave.

    Hope your crib parties decrease soon so that Mama can get a good night's rest.

    PS - Sure wish we lived closer and could join your get-together!

  5. Those interrupted sleep patterns can be SO hard. Even grandmas can remember those days :). Wishing you the beginning of full nights of sleep very soon and the crib parties a lovely memory.

  6. Oh boy...I'm so dreading the interrupted sleep that I know awaits me. But ya know...I think I'd be okay with late night snuggle sessions. :)

  7. Oh sleep how I love the! You know our sleep struggles and there is not a lot of parting going on here unfortunately. I would just LOVE to hear our girl giggle through the monitor, I would probably cry if I did! :)

    We have actually started a new thing...My hubby and I now have separate rooms! LOL! While it truly sucks for he and I, we are all finally sleeping...well almost. Little miss will now wake up and see one of us asleep there with her and she just puts an arm on us and falls right back asleep. It's working and we're now just trying to catch up on almost a years worth of lost sleep. :)

    Just have to say that my word verification is Latte! HA!!!! I live on coffee now!