January 7, 2011

Comment Spam File???

Did you know there is a comment spam file?  I didn't.  Last night I was fiddling around with Blogger and suddenly a page comes up with all sorts of comments.  There were 175 comments to be exact that were put in a spam file.

I couldn't believe all the messages I missed.  The majority came from March and April of 2010 (our referral time).  It was fun to go back and read comments that I missed.  Some of the comments made me smile, some made me teary ~ that was such an amazing time in our lives.

The majority of the comments were when people guessed the who, when, and where of our referral.  I couldn't believe how many people said Jiangxi, which is correct.  Most guesses though were for a girl, though.  :o)

Here is a screen shot of where I found the spam folder.   Maybe most  people already know about this, and I am slow to the party.  Let me know if you find treasures in your spam folder like I did.


  1. I didn't know either! Just checked but mine is empty. Hmmmm....

  2. I'm off to check mine! Cool find and yes a treasure for sure!