January 12, 2011

My First Black and White Wednesday

For a while now, actually for a year today, I have enjoyed seeing the black and white photos on several blogs I follow.   The link party started on Lisa's blog The Long Road to China, and has spread through blogland to some of my favorite blogs.

I have LOVED looking at everyone's black and whites, and always thought I would join in once I was home from China with 'my subject'.  Well, we've been home for a while but I haven't joined in the black and white photo fun because I am in no way, shape or form a photographer like many who participate.  I am a bit intimidated to throw my pictures in the mix.  I only take pictures with my little Sony pocket camera.

This morning I saw on Lisa's blog that today is the one year anniversary of the Black and White photo link and I thought it was now or never.  This was a good time to jump into the ring.

A few weeks ago I looked out onto the deck and saw Nugget's little rocker covered in snow.  It looked so sad to me, not the happy little rocker that Nugget loved to sit in every day during the warmer weather.   I had to take a picture.

I can't wait until the warmer weather gets back to town and we can once again go out and play.

If you would like to see many beautiful black and white photos hop over to Lisa's blog.


  1. Great photo! Glad you are joining in!

  2. Great eye! B/W are even difficult for Brent.

  3. Beautiful photo! So glad you decided to start posting your b&w photos. This is my first time on your blog. I'm going to come back to visit...your little one is adorable.

  4. Awesome photo! Looks so cool in B&W! xo

  5. Hi there!!

    thanks so much for joining in.... What a great black and white....so pretty covered in all that snow! Before long that snow will melt and your adorable little guy will be rockin away enjoying the warm weather!

    just saw your newest post..... UGH....so sorry to hear that you are so sick. Take care of yourself and get better soon!



  6. Love this! I've been so bad about getting out and about in blogger land and look what I missed! So glad you joined b/w Wednesday. I don't know why but I really love participating in this...maybe because I love black and whites so much! Hope to see you there again!