April 11, 2012

Easter Sunday ~ 2012

Treats from the Easter Bunny.
Once Nugget saw the truck he didn't care one iota what was in the basket. 
More choclate for Daddy and Mommy.  :o)

I would love to know what he is thinking right here.

Waiting for Daddy to free the truck.


Our traditional lamb cake.
I tried to get Nugget to take a picture by the cake, but he had other plans.

We had a wonderful Easter brunch with Papa and Maemae.

Not only did Nugget sit on the bunny's lap, he actually smiled!


  1. Love your traditional lamb cake! So sweet!!

    In that pic I think he's thinking, 'A truck in a box? How do I roll a truck in a box? DAD!!!!'

    Sweet pic with Papa.

    Smile pics are so hard to come by at this age. So glad you captured this one of your amazing little boy!!

  2. So sweet! And that cake? Amazing!