April 26, 2012

Home Sick

Nugget and I have been home two days this week due to a sickness.  Unfortunately he caught the coxsackie virus.  I think that name is so funny.  The virus is better known as the Hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD).

We didn't know exactly what was wrong with Nugget for several days.  The rash actually started on his backside, not on his hands or feet, it was baffling.  At first there was talk that he had chicken pox ~ whew ~ I am so glad he doesn't have that.

Nugget's rash has slowed and he has been fever free all afternoon so hopefully we are on the upswing.  I always hate seeing him feel so yucky.

The finished product.  A few seconds after this picture he flipped the whole thing to the floor.  

We've also watched Cars ~ shocker ~ I know!

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  1. Poor little Nugget! Glad to hear his fever has broken and hopefully he's well on his way to feeling better. Impressive Lego skills your little guy has!!