February 6, 2009

Gate Mystery Solved

Remember this post about the dogs getting out.  Well, we've figured out the problem.  A little story first.

For the last two weeks we've had a VERY UNINVITED visitor in the dogs' pen.  Big Bear and I were awoken early one snowy morning to the sound of a dog barking, not one of our dogs.  I said that I thought the dog was in the dog pen, he said that was impossible.  I got up to look and sure enough there was a big golden retriever in our backyard.

We didn't put too much thought into I went down to let the big guy out.  Once I got down there I realized that it was a very troublesome dog that roams the neighborhood.  There have been a lot of complaints about him.  

Over the last two weeks this PITA (Pain In The A$$) has gotten locked in the backyard six times.  PITA crawls under a loose area in the fence, but then he can't get out.  He doesn't do it when the dogs are out, only when they are inside.  When our dogs are out he runs the fence with them.   So once he gets in he wants out.  He stands out there and barks until someone lets him out.  This in-turn drives my dogs absolutely NUTS!

I have put logs on both sides of the fence where he is digging in.  PITA can physically move them out of the way - ON BOTH SIDES OF THE FENCE!

This morning PITA once again was in the backyard.  Big Bear was watching him from the office window.  That was when our Gate Mystery was solved.  Big Bear saw PITA trying to lift the latch, but he can't now that it's padlocked!  I stood and watched PITA for a while.  That little bugger actually didn't want to wait for us.  He crawled out under another loose spot the fence.  I don't know how to keep him out!!  What a PITA!!!!

Oh Sure!  He looks sweet and innocent.  I won't deny he is a beautiful dog, smart too!

BUT!  He is a weird dog to break into a fenced yard!!


  1. Weisenheimer!

    He gets an 'A' for ingenuity despite his pain in the arse-ishness. I hope he finds another mode of entertainment soon. Maybe put a rawhide stash far, far away and he can keep digging for 'gold' there.

    At first glance, I saw the 'PITA' as PIPA...whew. PITA is a perfect name for the vagabond pup and, hopefully, one I can never apply to my kid ;0)

  2. Like PIPO, I thought for a brief moment you were talking about PIPA ;-) He does look like a very sweet dog...

    At least you solved the mystery!

  3. So is he a stray? Or does someone just not give a rats a$$ about where their dog is?!

    Hope the situation is resolved soon... I dare say your fences are doing so well, with all that "forcing"!

  4. Our dogs were getting out by crawling under the fence. Big bear is going to have to get two landscaping logs and put them on each side of the fence where the PITA dog is getting in, Big bear will have to staple the fence to the landscaping logs...and then he will probably have to buy more when the PITA finds a new spot to crawl under:P

  5. Smart dog. PITA but smart.

    Looking forward to seeing and catching up with you tomorrow. :0)

    LOL my word verification for this post is fled... how appropriate for that last picture.

  6. Wow.. glad you found out the reason they were getting out..
    Love the parade pictures..
    looks like you had a great time..
    Have a great weekend...

  7. Okay, PITA's got issues! Glad you guys figured it out the mystery!

  8. He is a cute dog...I love goldens:)

    Glad you figured out the mystery....now you just need to figure out how to fix it:)

    Good luck!


  9. Oh come on he just wants to be part of your family!!!! Plus it would be cute to have a dog named PITA!!!

    Love, Kristy

  10. I'm with Kristy on this one and oh my goodness how cute is that to have a dog breaking into your yard!!! Ok, seriously I understand it's a problem but it just makes me want to give him a big ol' hug and rough up his fur a bit.