February 21, 2010

A Hodgepodge of This & That...

Here goes another ‘catch-up’ post. I keep telling myself that I will post about things as they come up, but then time slips away, I get lazy, or I begin to wonder if anyone ~ other than Mom ~ really wants to read all this babble. I’ve tried to divide it up so you can skip the boring parts. :o)


We haven’t had much school at all this year due to snow. I have worked one full week since Christmas break. Other weeks we've been in school for a day or two and then out for the rest of the week. When we go for one day and then are out for three it’s tough. It’s hard to get the kids back into the swing, it’s hard for me to get back in the groove. Some kids rarely come on the days we are in school, some of them are there in body, but it’s like pulling teeth to get them to concentrate on ANYTHING!! Friday I finally decided to just give credit for the work accomplished to this point, and start fresh on Monday. Hopefully we have seen the last of ol’ Man Winter!

Usually I would be quite upset with the number of snow days we’ve had this year. The only thing keeping me sane is the thought that we may be in China when my school is making up snow days. Several of my seniors hope we are in China in June. They have been on this journey with me since they were freshmen. Miss A thinks it would be so cool if we are in China when they graduate. Thinking about it, that would be a really cool ending.

The Knee

For those who have been around the blog for a while you know I’ve had trouble with my knee. Back in January it popped out again. It usually takes about a week to right itself, and then a couple of weeks after that for the muscles to strengthen again and the pain to stop.

The knee was mending as usual, but then two weeks ago my graceful, klutzy self managed to fall down a flight of stairs. Not a pretty sight, for sure. I was one big bruise, and thankfully those are now disappearing. What is not healing as quickly this time is my knee. It has been nearly two weeks and it still hurts. I know part of the problem is because it wasn’t fully healed from when it popped out a few weeks ago.

The major realization I have had over the last two weeks is that I NEED to get back to the pool! When I was swimming regularly my knee was strong. I can’t remember having trouble with it like I’ve had the last few months. I also know that getting back in the water will help me lose the weight I have gained back, which in turn will help my knee.

Last night I told my friends that Monday I will be getting back to the pool. Now I am telling you ~ MONDAY, I am getting back to the pool! I won’t be able to swim laps just yet, but I will be walking and doing my water aerobics. In a couple of weeks I hope to be swimming those laps. I need to! I WILL NOT be taking this freakin’ cane to China!

Ps. Mom ~ I’m fine. ;o)

Nursery News

Last Saturday the final major piece for the nursery was delivered. We found an electric recliner! It is wonderful!!! Being that I am some what vertically challenged ~ wink! wink! ~ I thought this would be perfect. There wouldn’t be all that scooting down, pulling on a handle, struggle to pull down the foot rest all the while holding a sleeping baby and praying she doesn’t wake up.

With this wonderful chair one button is pushed and the chair quietly reclines. When the second button is pushed it quietly goes back to the sitting position. It’s PERFECT!!!

The afghan was a gift from a very good friend. Isn't it perfect?!?! Thank you S!

Yesterday Big Bear and I went up to Lexington. We came home with A CAR SEAT!!!

(Excited Pause)

Ok! I don’t know why this was so exciting for me, but it is!! Four years ago I did A LOT of research on car seats. I wanted to get the safest seat on the market. After much thought I was sold on getting a Brittax. Imagine my shock and awe when we walked out of Bab*es R Us yesterday with the Evenflo Symphony 65.

There were two other couples looking at car seats while we were. One of the sales people came over and gave a talk about the different seats. She was VERY knowledgeable and gave the good, bad, and ugly on all of the seats. Two of us pulled out our phones and looked up the information she was referring to. It all checked out. Big Bear and I decided that the Evenflo was for us. We walked out with the tan colored one for his truck, and put the grey one on the registry for my car.

One Last Note

The other night Big Bear and I were sitting around talking. Suddenly he says, “Just think in a two weeks or so we will know if we are next, or next-next. It gave me a chill. Looking at the numbers on Rumor Queen I am pretty confident that we won’t be in the March batch of referrals. In my little fantasy world March referrals will go through April 11th. Then we will be next without a doubt.

Like I said, “In my little fantasy world” ~ The CC@@ hasn’t yet granted any of my hopes, so I’m not holding my breath ~ trying not to...


  1. SOunds like you have been busy..
    love the new chair..
    ANd the car seat is tooo cute.. great choice..
    I am thinking the same way as you on the dates for referrals..
    Have a great week...
    Hope your knee feels better soon...

  2. Loved reading your new post. The new recliner looks perfect in Polar Cubs room and the car seat will look magnificant in your car. Glad you'll be getting back in the pool cause that knee has to be healed for the trip to China.
    It's so, so, so close now.

  3. Hope your knee is better soon:)

    The nursery looks great...and OMG, yeah the carseat makes it all seem so real!! She will be here before you know it. Crossing my fingers and toes for you:)

    Enjoy your Sunday!


  4. Love the update. Hope that your knee feels better soon and have fun in the pool. Nice recliner, I've never seen an electric one. We had the Evenflo seats for Maisie as they got great ratings and we could get one for each car for less than the cost of one Britax. Keeping my fingers crossed that your referral will be in the next batch.

  5. Get in that pool, girl, because you are next-next!! Or going to be next-next...whatever. Your number is almost UP! xoxo

  6. The carseat makes it so real! I cannot wait to see what will unfold.
    The nursery looks perfect!

  7. Love the recliner - it looks so comfy!!!

    Sorry to hear about your knee. Get in the pool and get working - soon you will have a little one to carry around and there will be no time to worry about a bum knee!!

    Can't wait to hear if you are next or next-next!

  8. Hoping for a well knee soon! Your recliner is beautiful and you will LOVE having that cushy seat in the nursery when you fall asleep in there holding the cub in your arms. ;) The car seat is beautiful too! Can't wait to see it in your car with a little bear in there.

  9. love that note to your mom- made me smile :O)

    and i am loving your nursery AND your fantasy world.

    hell, in MY fantasy world, you'd just be next dang it~!!

  10. I have recliner envy. Good luck with the pool - it is so hard to get motivated BELIEVE ME, I know all too well....
    getting soooooooooooooo close girl........so CLOSE!!!!!!!

  11. Hi,

    The recliner looks great! Your referral is going to come soon, I just know it.

    You picked right as to the car seats. .. . .Evenflo beats Britax in comfort for C. We have 2 Britax hand-me-downs and C cannot sleep in either. Believe me, you want your baby bear to sleep in the car. We got an Evenflo and she is so much happier.

    I want baby bear to come soon so that C can have a playmate. I'm so ready for your referral!!!!!


  12. Great update! Love the recliner and car seat!

    It is so cool that you are next or at least next next! So very cool!

  13. Looks like your enjoying the nesting part of things. That chair is the cats meow! Love the ice blue walls! Thanks for the up date. Hope your knee heals as good as new for you. I got weak in my tummy when you said it *Popped*. Ikes!

  14. Oh gosh I can only imagine how hard the start...stop thing is at school!!! I love the car seat!!! It feels good doesnt it to know we are finally close!!!

    Love and blessings, Kristy

  15. I'm so excited for you! And seeing finished nurseries and car seats just makes me even more excited. It almost seems surreal ... all I can think of is that trip to Detroit and how long it really has taken all of us to get to this point now. But it's almost over for you! Come on March!! We need a new batch of referrals! LOL!