February 2, 2010

A Few More Blue X's

The CC@@ sure does like to keep things interesting! On Saturday I commented that there weren’t even rumors that matching had begun, which has been the case in the past. Rumors would begin to swirl around the internet that matching had begun and then about a week or so later people would receive the call.

Friday there was no news of ANYTHING happening. Jump ahead to early morning Monday and I woke to several emails that European agencies were CONFIRMING that referrals were coming. By the time I went to bed last night several families from the April Flying Tigers were receiving pictures of their new little bundles. WILD!!!!

All month I kept hoping that CC@@ would get through the 5th because it is a large group. Deep down I have to admit I was a little disappointed. I was hoping they would do more than two days. I did read some where yesterday that more families were matched in this batch than in the December batch. I also read that if CC@@ matches the same number in the next batch it will take us up through the 11th.

That means that we will be next, next. That is a good thing. Only time will tell. For now I am very excited to follow along as fellow Flying Tigers begin the next part of their journey.


  1. It's hard to believe that your turn is finally so close. Yeah!!!!

  2. dudddddddddddddddddddddddde, last night I down loaded a April 2006 calendar page (forgot you had one on your blog) and went through all different scenarios trying to figure out when you would get the call for polar cub. That's how excited I am for you guys!!!!!!!!
    Getting closer mama!!!!!!!!!

  3. I am thinking they will get through the 11th also next month..
    then YOUR TURN..
    Sooo excited for you girly..
    maybe they will do a batch at the end of the month..
    have a great day..
    get ready .. your baby is on the way..

  4. You are so, so close! I'm so excited for you1

  5. You are gettin close.....very close!!! I am hoping next month we see a little more movement...as in MORE DAYS PLEASE!!!

    Keep your chin up..... your time is almost here:)

  6. Your time is getting so very close!!! I think this is a high probablity that next month will be THE MONTH!!! Fingers crossed!


  7. Almost there!! It's really about to happen and I'm so excited for you!!

  8. How I love to see those blue x's marking up the month of April.
    Can't wait to see Polar Cubs face light up this blog. Oh, happy days!

  9. Well, I was super disappointed!! But I am extremely excited that it will be your turn soon and your little Polar Cub will be a perfect match! Hang in there, enjoy the ride and before you know it...=)

  10. You're SOCLOSE now!!! The next time CC@@ matches a '2006 Wednesday' it will be YOU!!! Hoping and praying that you're next next!! Wheeeeee!!

    So excited for you!!

    PS - Adorable new header! Everytime I read a story to Hannah and her little book has a pic of a Polar Bear I think of you! That means I think of you often and a smile crosses my face every single time! Love you. xo

  11. playing catch up while I'm feeling a little better.. Holy Cow.. I mean.. HOLY COW.. you are so close!!!! I'm thinking at least by this summer (travel that is) maybe even sooner.. (that would be so nice) I can't wait for you to have polar cubs referral. (right along with every one else)

  12. oh i am LIKING how close those blues are getting to YOUR NUMBER!!!!

  13. Waiting waiting waiting here with you.......

    Love ans blessings, Kristy