January 30, 2010

Notes From KY...

• Tomorrow is the last day of January and unfortunately there were no referrals for the month, again. There isn’t even a rumor of the possibility of referrals coming. Disheartening.

• Last night I went to dinner and a movie with a really fun group of women. It was so much fun, I felt like I was in high school again! We laughed, talked about boys, ate, went to a movie, and LAUGHED! We saw When in Rome. It is a cute movie. Great for a girl’s night out!

• I am still not the proud owner of a steam mop. I can’t find the one I want around here. My dad gave me the idea to look at Lowe’s, so if I can’t find one there I am going to either order it on-line or wait until I go to Lexington. As long as I get it before Polar Cub is home all is good. At the rate the adoption has slowed down, I have plenty of time.

• One of my students at school had a real scare this past week. He was told that is may have cancer. His biological mother died of cancer, and he was told he may have the same thing. My heart went out to him. After some more tests the doctors are not sure any more it is cancer ~ Thank God.

Yesterday T came in and wanted to talk about being a vegetarian. This scare has made an amazing change in this young man. The questions he asked me yesterday touched my heart. He wants to do all he can to be healthy and strong. When I met T three years ago all he dreamed about was being in Special Forces. Everything he talked about was army and zombies ~ he makes me smile. Now he is talking healthy diets, exercise, and graduating high school.

The best part of my job is seeing the changes that occur in my kids. There are the improvements in their reading and writing, but more amazing is the change in maturity. They all come in as gawky, hormonal teenagers ~ and several leave that way. Many of them, though, mature into young adults who make me so proud.

(By the way, I didn’t talk T into being a vegetarian. We talked about better meat choices. Right now he eats fast food hamburgers and sausage pizzas. I told him that being a vegetarian is more than cutting out meat. I told him that if he is wanting to ‘bulk’ up he will need good sources of protein. I don’t want anyone to think I preach being a veggie. For me it is a personal choice. For kids I think protein is an important food group. I don’t plan on raising our daughter as a vegetarian. I will provide healthy, organic meat choices for her.)

• The pictures that I used in the new header are pictures that we hung in Polar Cub’s room. The moment I saw the prints I fell in love with them. While I was laying them out so Big Bear could hang them it occurred to me that they tell our journey to China.

Meeting Polar Cub in China

Touring China...

Getting to know Polar Cub...

Our journey home and beginning our life as a family.

Yes, I know it may be a stretch and you all now KNOW I'm nuts, but I've had way too much time to think about things. I am so ready to begin the next chapter. The chapter where the word Wait will no longer be a four letter word!


  1. The pictures are perfect... and they do indeed tell the story. I see it, too.

    "Wait" is definitely the WORST four letter word. LOL!

    But yours is almost over.... and I can't wait to see you get to the finish line. :)

  2. LOVE the pictures!!! Your little polar cub's room will be such a sweet place to bring her home!

    I have change careers this year and am now teaching Spec Ed. I love it and see such improvements in the kids and positive affects in the their self images.

    These coming weeks will be life changing and amazing!


  3. Hang tight! Your turn is just around the bend... you're almost there! Don't give up!!!

    (I found your blog through a link of another I am following. I hope its okay that I am here!)

    San Francisco

  4. I love the pictures!! They are perfect! I can't believe there are no referrals for January. That is NOT a good start to this year :o( Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that when they finally arrive it will have been worth it.

  5. LOVE the pictures; they are simply perfect!!!!!

  6. I think the pictures are PERFECT (so say the woman with 20+ stuffed pandas that I claim my daughter wanted - heh). As for this month's news... I'm so sorry. Not the way you want to spend those few months waiting.

  7. LOVE the pictures and storyline!!
    Crawling along. Stay strong as this is your year!!!!

  8. the pictures are beautiful. I "get" the story - I see it - and it is perfect!!!

  9. love the pictures!!! OMG your getting so close to your precious baby. I cant' wait to see your journey to China end and your journey home as a family begin.