January 3, 2010

Anyone Interested in Ladybug Decor?

Three years ago while trying to decide on the decor for the nursery Big Bear and I couldn't agree on anything. Finally, somehow, it was decided that we would do ladybugs and daisies.

White daisies are my favorite flower, and ladybugs just seemed appropriate. With a decision made I set about finding things to decorate the room. I had seen a cute wall border back in the beginning of the search, and then when I went to order it - it was discontinued. Of Course!

Thankfully my friend K1 was able to find it. I was so excited. Over time I ordered several other items for the nursery, as well. As things came in I would put it into the room that would one day be the nursery and shut the door, not feeling the need to rush into anything.

Two years go by, and as the summer of 2009 was approaching I thought I had betterstart working on the nursery while I was off of school for the summer. Unfortunately I was WAY over the daisy and ladybug theme. I knew I should use it, I had all sort of ladybug decorations. I just wasn't feeling it.

One day Big Bear and I were talking about working on the nursery and I told him how I felt about the theme. He says, "I can't believe you don't want to do a polar bear room, since you like polar bears so much."

My jaw dropped! A polar bear room was the ORIGINAL theme I wanted to do four years ago!!!!

BAM!! Out went the ladybugs! A new search began for polar bears. I was irritated with Big Bear, especially since he now takes credit for coming up with the theme ~ jokingly ~ but I am super excited how the nursery is coming along.

So in ending this LONG story, is there anyone out there who may be interested is some ladybug items? Do you know anyone who may be interested in some ladybug decor?

I have:

The ladybug rug is 27inches in diameter.

Four rolls of the wall border. Each roll is five yards long.

Two plug covers.

Three switch covers.

Wallies ~ I think I have two packages of these, but I'm not sure

If you are interested in any ~ or all ~ of these please email me. If you only want one or two things, we can work that out, too!


  1. Five years ago I would have been all over these ;-)

    As you know, I am kind of over the ladybugs as well, even though they will always hold a special place in my heart...

  2. If someone doesn't want them.. I would like to have the rug and maybe one set of the cutouts.. I am doing a different theme. we are actually doing a HUGE 2 wall mural.. but I still want some ladybugs in her room.. ladybugs are close to my heart...
    Let me know..
    Love the polar bear theme.. PERFECT...

  3. Can't wait to see the polar bear room!!!

  4. Want pictures of the polar cubs nursery!! =)

  5. White daisies are my favorite too... along with pink baby roses or even just pink carnations. I absolutely love them and they bring a smile to my face. :0)
    Cute ladybug stuff. Hopefully someone out there needs it or knows someone who does.

  6. He he he, I think it is so funny how we all changed our minds with regard to our baby's rooms. Darn wait! Some of changed names too.

  7. one of my closest friends (who i traveled to china with) has her daughter's room done in ladybug everything, so if there are any leftovers i would LOVE to pass them to her.

    and on changing things as we go... i laugh when i think of "macey" turned remi turned ellis, and how i put up and then dismantled a crib :O) life is full of the best surprises!

    can't wait for YOURS.